Natalie’s Film Review (2010), Intrigue Behind a Maestro’s Artwork

Natalie’s Film Review – It’s hard to tell what the plot of this film, which is almost seven years old, is. But what (guaranteed!) makes those who watch it look like worms in heat is the sex scene, which, if you count it, has happened nine times, including the opening scene. Eh, in the end, Lee Seung Jae, the actor who (according to the writer, I don’t know about the others) likes to play with girls in the film produced by Lotte and Sang-Sang Entertainment, ran away and ended up in a post box. Huaaahhh, that’s why Uncle, after playing with a girl, runs too, right?

In the past, because I accidentally found this film on YouTube, the writer tried to download it at first. Eh, I don’t know why it deleted. Go on and on many times. Indeed, because this film is for personal consumption, I have also had to download it for offline viewing on this video sharing site. Yes, of course! Tired of dealing with unnecessary files that fill up memory? I’m just now trying offline in the app. Eh, after a long time, it’s still a full download again.

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Natalie’s Film Review

Well. This is my time to tell you about Natalie. Traveling to various sites, Natalie’s synopsis seems ‘bland’. Where there are no subtitles either—that’s the full version. Even if there are even pieces (cakes and pieces?). Yeah! for the purpose of completing as well as straightening out several reviews that, according to the author, are ‘stingy’.

The story is a combination of flashback scenes and present scenes. Most of the non-sex scenes are conversations between Min Woo (Kim Ji Hoon) and Jun Hyuk (Lee Sung Jae). So, Jun Hyuk is the story of an artist as well as an art lecturer. There a crew-cut-haired woman who also ‘played with’ by Jung Hyuk. Park Hyo-Rin (Ki-Yeon Kim) is her name. What is clear is that partying naked with the woman makes Jun Hyuk dissatisfied. Maybe because his body was empty, Jung Hyuk targeted one of his students named Oh Mi Ran (Park Hyeon Jin). This girl who turns out to have a body like an angel is the root of the controversy between Jun Hyuk and Min Woo (they both like it, maybe).

So what does this have to do with Natalie?

Look. In the writer’s opinion, that is the title of one of Jun Hyuk’s works of art, in the form of a statue of a naked girl (oops!) standing with her body twisted and her hands on her hips. The statue inspired by the beauty of Mi Ran, who ‘lined’ to be the model for the statue. So, for the sake of making the statue, which turned out to be for the gallery display, Mi Ran was forced to take off all her clothes. And (I think) once the target of Min Woo’s eyes. It is the beauty of Mi Ran’s almost perfect body that arouses Jung Hyuk’s desire to have sex with this woman. Even if I can give input, it’s better for Jung Hyuk to get married to Mi Ran first, then play with him. (Sex is after marriage, right?) Moreover, there are several nude statues he made still stored in his house.

Approaching the ending of the film directed by Ju-Kyung Jung, those who watch it guaranteed to disappointed and even emotional. Because Mi Ran said via letter to Jung Hyuk that she would leave Min Woo and Jung Hyuk’s lives (sorry if it’s a bit made up, it explained at the beginning that the storyline of this film difficult because the full upload on YT doesn’t have subtitles, so how can one understand the story, especially since the writer doesn’t understand Korean, so it took almost a year for the writer to know the story from the scene, that’s enough). That letter made Jung Hyuk furious and, at the same time, weak, because this man was the most infatuated with Mi Ran. After successfully ‘touched’ by Jung Hyuk, Min Woo the next person who became Mi Ran’s escape. It was Min Woo who told Jung Hyuk that Mi Ran wanted to leave and gave him the letter he had written. (So it’s a bit going around like this; duuuuhhhh, it’s like unraveling tangled threads; is it better to watch than write the story?)

Natalie’s Film Review: Lots of sex scenes

Ah, never mind. Before closing this article, the author wants to tell you: The opening of this film filled with sex scenes between Mi Ran and Jung Hyuk. And this scene is also there a few minutes before the ending. So, for those of you who are not old enough, I suggest you just wait a while. Hopefully, you don’t want to be like them. The author himself—is it okay to show off a little?—watching the sex scenes already feels like he’s screwed up himself. What if those of you who are 18 years of age and older took turns watching this film? It’s true, it’s not showing in Indonesian cinemas (if it were, it would have banned a long time ago!). But I don’t know when it started uploading to YouTube. If you have downloaded this film, please Just watch it yourself. Even if it inspires you to sleep naked, that’s okay. Especially girls who want a body like Hyeon Jin. And for those of you who not married, don’t ever copy the sex scenes in this film for anyone!

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