SYDNEY WHITE MOVIE: Another Story from a Competition

Sydney White Movie – All must be familiar with the story of Snow White (Snow White). The story of a princess along with seven dwarfs defeating a cruel princess. Presumably like that is also the story raised in a film called Sydney White. The film, directed by Joe Nussbaum, takes the framework of Snow White’s story but in the present condition. Even Snow White’s name was spoofed as Sydney White. Then the seven dwarves are depicted with seven wasted students who are considered ‘stupid’ and become friends of Sydney White.

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Synopsis Sydney White Movie

For details, the following is the storyline of the Sydney White film. Is a child who grew up in a construction worker environment. Her name is Sydney White (Amanda Bynes), she is the daughter of a plumber. Since his mother died, Sydney was raised by his father, when he was only nine years old

After successfully completing high school, Sydney won a scholarship to Southern Atlantic University. At that school, her mother used to be a member of the Kappa Phi Nu association. And Sydney tries to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a Kappa member. Upon arriving at his new school, Sydney meets Tyler, the head of the boys’ union. As they converse, the head of Kappa, Rachel Witchburn’s (Sara Paxton) sorority girls, catches up to her. Rachel feels jealous when she sees Sydney talking to Tyler, her ex-boyfriend.

Rachel Trying to Block Sydney

Since then, Rachel has been intent on blocking Sydney from becoming a Kappa member. Various hazing actions were carried out to make Sydney feel disappointed. In fact Sydney remains strong and enjoys all the requirements imposed to become a Kappa member.

After all that, Rachel shamelessly humiliates Sydney at a Kappa recruiting party. Armed with accusations and her authority as head of Kappa, Rachel refuses Sydney membership. Accepting the humiliation, Sydney immediately left the Kappa building.

Sydney White Movie : Sydney meets 7 students

Until finally, Sydney met seven wasted students who were considered ‘stupid’ in front of her residence. An unkempt and rundown building, hence the name “The Vortex”. It’s the only building waiting to be demolished, in the area called Greece. A building for the poor and marginalized. In that house Sydney became friends with young people who were considered stupid.

Realizing this condition, Sydney also aroused the desire of her friends to seize the helm of the student union chairman. This method is considered capable of providing justice for the residents of The Vortex. Finally one of the seven occupants of The Vortex was put forward as a candidate to compete with the previously elected candidate.

Terrance (Jeremy Howard), with his group “Freedom to the 7th Power” starts the campaign. But approaching election day, Terrance’s status was revealed. It turned out that this man had already graduated from college, so he was not eligible to run for president of the student union. It was at this critical moment that Sydney appeared to replace Terrance, becoming a candidate to fight Rachel Witchburn.

The ranking of the most beautiful princesses

Same with the story of Snow White, the cruel princess always asks the magic mirror, about who is the most beautiful princess in the whole country. Likewise with the story in the film Sydney White. Rachel Witchburn also always sees the ranking of the most beautiful princesses on her computer. So far, he has been in first place. So since Sydney’s presence on campus, his ranking has gradually begun to erode. Until finally Sydney sat in Rachel’s place, in first place.

Of course this angered Rachel as the student union president. Not to mention Sydney’s attitude of wanting to take over as head of the student union. In the end, Rachel paid a hacker to damage Sydney’s schoolwork via computer. Even though the assignment must be submitted the next day, it can’t be late. And tomorrow also the debate event that determines the election of the student union chairman will be held.

All of Sydney’s assignments are gone

The hacker managed to send the virus and eliminate all the tasks Sydney had done. No one is able to help restore the work lost by a virus. The only way, Sydney has to make again from scratch, meaning he has to keep watch all night in the library. Because she was tired, Sydney fell asleep so she didn’t come when the debate was being held. Dam of this situation, Tyler tries to help find Sydney’s whereabouts, until he finally meets at the library.

A kiss from Tyler woke Sydney. Similar to the kiss of the prince on Snow White in the story Snow White. At the end of the story Sydney managed to get rid of Rachel and The Vortex was repaired.

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