Synopsis and Cast of No Hard Feelings Movie

NO HARD FEELINGS is an adult comedy film which will be released in June 2023 by Sony Pictures. This American film was directed by Gene Stupnitsky with a screenplay written by him with John Philipps.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence who is also a producer, this film tells the story of how a former Uber driver gets an unusual job dating an introverted teenager. Apart from Jennifer, NO HARD FEELINGS also stars Andrew Barth Feldman and Matthew Broderick.

The film NO HARD FEELINGS successfully won by Sony to be released theatrically against other studios. Principal photography for the film begins in late September 2022 at various locations in New York. Are you curious about the story? Check out complete information about the film NO HARD FEELINGS below!

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Synopsis of the film ‘NO HARD FEELINGS’

Maddie, an Uber driver in Montauk, New York, faces bankruptcy after her car confiscated. Maddie then receives an unusual job opening on Craigslist. He accepted a job from a husband and wife who realized that their teenage son did not understand the social world.

Although the couple’s son was academically talented, he seemed uninterested in social interaction or even dating women. In exchange for a Buick Regal, Maddie agrees to be their son Percy’s “girlfriend” and help him settle into adult life.

Cast of the film ‘NO HARD FEELINGS’

The following is a brief explanation of the main characters in the film NO HARD FEELINGS:

1. Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence is an American actress who the highest paid actress in 2015 and 2016. In this film, Jennifer is an Uber driver who goes bankrupt and almost loses her childhood home.

2. Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy

Andrew Barth Feldman is an American actor and singer who began his acting career through local musical theater. In this film, Andrew is an introverted and awkward 19 year old teenager.

3. Matthew Broderick as Laird

Matthew Broderick is an American actor who voiced Simba in THE LION KING. In this film, Matthew is Percy’s father who is looking for someone to “date” his son before entering college.

4. Laura Benanti as Allison

Laura Ilene Benanti is an American actress and singer who has received five Tony Award nominations. In this film, Laura is Percy’s mother who is looking for someone to “date” her son before entering college.

5. Natalie Morales as Sara

Natalie Morales is an American actress and director who has starred in the series THE MIDDLEMAN and WHITE COLLAR. In this film, Natalie becomes Maddie’s friend.

6. Scott MacArthur as Jim

Scott MacArthur is an American actor and writer known as Jimmy Shepherd in the comedy series THE MICK. In this film, Scott becomes Maddie’s friend.

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