Johnny English Reborn, Secret Agent Reveals International Killer

Johnny English Reborn is a British action comedy film. The Johnny English Reborn film premiered in 2011. The film directed by Oliver Parker and written by Hamish McColl from a story by William Davies. This film a sequel to Johnny English, which released in 2003.
According to IMDb, the film, which stars Rowan Atkinson (reprising his role as the main character) along with Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, Daniel Kaluuya, and Richard Schiff, rated 6.3 out of 10. Seven years after the events of the first film, Johnny English ends up training in Tibet to overcome the shame of his failed mission to protect the newly elected president of Mozambique. The incident also cost him his knighthood. He recalled to duty by MI7 under his new boss, Pamela Thornton, codenamed “Pegasus”.

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He meets fellow agent and old acquaintance Simon Ambrose

English sent to investigate the plot to assassinate the Chinese Prime Minister during talks with the Prime Minister. He meets fellow agent and old acquaintance Simon Ambrose, MI7 quartermaster Patch Quartermain, and junior agent Colin Tucker, English’s new assistant. In Hong Kong, English finds former CIA agent Titus Fisher, who reveals himself to be a member of the Vortex, the group responsible for sabotaging the British mission in Mozambique.
He reveals Vortex holds a secret weapon opened by three locks, which held by himself and two other former spies. Fisher is killed by an old assassin disguised as a servant, and an accomplice steals the key. English chases down the thief and recovers the key, but tricked by another Vortex operator posing as a flight attendant en route to London.

He again humiliated in a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Pegasus when he tries to reveal the key and the conspiracy. He has also mistakenly attacked Pegasus’ mother twice after encountering the killer.

Johnny English Reborn: Kate Sumner uses hypnosis to help English

Kate Sumner, the MI7 psychologist, uses hypnosis to help English recall his repressed memories of the Mozambique incident, leading him to reveal another Vortex operation. Russian spy Artem Karlenko, posing as millionaire Sergei Pudovkin, English and Tucker meet Karlenko at a golf course outside London, but Killer Cleaner critically injures Karlenko.

English and Tucker take him to the hospital by helicopter, but Karlenko dies after revealing the third key held by a mole in MI7. Over dinner, English confides in Ambrose about the mole, and Ambrose tells English he suspects Quartermain.

Tucker confronts Ambrose about him being a traitor, but England naively rejects Tucker and lets Ambrose leave with Karlenko’s key. English confronts Quartermain but realizes Ambrose has framed him as a member of the third vortex.

Chased by MI7 agents because Ambrose told Pegasus that the mole is English, he manages to escape to Sumner’s flat. Revisiting footage from the Mozambique mission, Sumner realizes the assassin manipulated by the mind-control drug, timoxeline barbebutenol. Ambrose arrives to fetch Sumner, and English notices something.

English orders Tucker

English orders Tucker to drop him off and put him in a body bag so they can brought into the fort. Inside, English manages to escape the body bag and warns Pegasus of the threat, but accidentally consumes the drug-laced drink.

Ambrose orders him to kill the Chinese Prime Minister using a gun disguised as lipstick, originally designed for Pegasus. English tries to fight the drug, while Tucker interrupts Ambrose’s feed of communication with music before Ambrose resets it, showing himself to be a traitor. English fights back and shoots Ambrose, who flees as the drug goes into lethal mode and English loses consciousness.

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