Synopsis and review me before you – Lou is a cheerful and friendly girl. He is a hard worker because he is aware of his position as the backbone of the family. Working for six years in a café, Lou was much loved by the visitors. Unfortunately, their closeness had to end with the closing of the cafe.

Confused to meet the needs of his family, Lou, who does not have much experience and expertise, wants to work as a nurse for a man with disabilities from a wealthy family. Her early days as a nurse were tough because Will, the man she cared for, was cold. However, something finally managed to bring them close.

Honey, as it gets closer, Lou has to find out that something sad has been planned by Will. The man wanted to end his life. Then, with his warm nature, can Lou make this man change his mind? You can see the story of Lou and Will in full in the film Me Before You, directed by Thea Sharrock.

Synopsis me before you

William Traynor, or Will (Sam Claflin), is a young executive who is dashing and successful in his career. Will has a girlfriend named Alicia Dawares (Vanessa Kirby). The relationship between the two is fine. Will and Alicia spend a lot of time together, just like that day. However, their time together comes to a halt because Will has to work.

Will intends to go by motorcycle but has to fail because it’s raining heavily outside. The man chose to use a taxi. When he was about to approach a taxi that was across the street, a high-speed motorcycle passed from the side, which suddenly hit Will.

Elsewhere, Louisa Clark, or Lou (Emilia Clarke), looks eager to serve customers at the cafe where she works. Lou is a friendly and warm girl who makes the buyers feel comfortable. He has worked there for six years to help provide for his family. Unfortunately, that day was Lou’s last working day there. The café owner decided to stop operating the café.

Lou looks sad and confused because he is the backbone of the family. The father doesn’t work, so it’s just him trying everything. In the midst of his confused mood, Lou meets his girlfriend, Patrick (Matthew Lewis). While exercising, Patrick encourages Lou and tells him not to give up.

Patrick then advised Lou to go to the job center. When he got there, Lou, who had little experience and expertise, was offered a job as a nurse. Not just any nurse, because Lou has to be a nurse and companion for an adult man with disabilities. The job lasted only 6 months, but Lou was so excited.

Romantic Drama Film Touches on Sensitive Issues

Me Before You, which is based on the novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes, is a romantic film that tells the story of a nurse’s relationship with her ‘patients’, Lou and Will. The relationship that was originally cold and rough, changed to need each other.

Cheerful Lou manages to transmit his positive energy to Will; a young man with quadriplegia as a result of an accident, who is slowly losing his will to live because he is tired of dealing with pain and treatment. Will couldn’t bear to imagine having to go through that for the rest of his life. He also doesn’t want to be a burden to the people he loves. Therefore, this dashing man decided to register with a dignitas that specializes in suicide.

The issue of suicide is still a sensitive subject for many people. A dignitas in Switzerland that legalizes this has also drawn criticism because it is considered to be taking advantage of other people’s deaths. The sensitive practice of lethal injection, or euthanasia, is also implied in this film, namely when Will’s character lies down in a room on the day that is planned to be the day of his death.

This conflict or issue of suicide has been prepared from the start as a surprising element in the film Me Before You, according to the story in the novel. Will’s unanimous suicide plan has changed the film, which was originally flat, to become emotional. You will also regret Will’s decision, especially since the scene that shows his closeness to Lou begins to dominate. It’s sad to see the romantic feelings between Lou and Will not continue because of a death that could have been avoided.

The Convincing Role of Emilia Clarke

Playing the role of Lou, Emilia Clarke, who is also famous for the Game of Thrones series, successfully portrayed the character of a cheerful and optimistic 26-year-old young adult woman. Emilia always has bright eyes and a big smile in this film. Lou’s character is very loveable and will definitely make you love him too.

Lou’s distinctive personality, with an eccentric impression because of her choice of clothes, can also be well delivered by her. Behind that, Emilia also plays a flexible role when Lou is sad or when Lou is happy when she gets a gift of yellow stockings with black stripes. In short, Emilia Clarke performs well in this film.

Main Character Chemistry Wins Hearts

In a romantic film, the chemistry between the main characters must be special. If not, no matter how well the script is made, it feels like a film will not exist. Luckily, Me Before You paired Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as the stars. Their acting skills, which have been tested in many films or series, do not make it difficult for the two of them to share their emotions.

In the scenes when Lou and Will are involved in chatting, you can feel how Lou takes care of Will and how Will admires and is grateful for the existence of this girl. Will, who is said to be paralyzed, doesn’t show much gesture, but from his gaze on Lou, you can also feel that admiration. The chemistry between the two makes the Me Before You storyline even more touching.

Me Before You proved its quality by winning the People’s Choice Awards (2016) as Favorite Dramatic Movie. Emilia and Sam were also nominated for their roles in this film, namely at the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Movie & TV Awards. If you still have doubts about this film, better see for yourself. The duration itself is about 110 minutes. Are you ready to follow Lou and Will’s story?

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