Synopsis of the film Marley and Me, It’s Difficult to Be a Parent

Synopsis Marley and Me – This Hollywood film released quite a long time ago in 2008, starring famous artists Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Based on the true story of the life of John Grogan, who also wrote this novel before it made into a film.

David Frankel, as the director who worked on this film, did not expect that the film entitled Marley & Me would immediately enter the Box Office list which was most liked by film fans, and was superior to the film starring artist Brad Pitt in 2008 at that time.

This film tells the story of a newlywed couple who are just starting their married life. Their life goes on like a normal couple, but they have not yet blessed with children. Until the husband brought a puppy to accompany his wife, which made many changes in their lives, of course. Before watching, let’s first read the synopsis of this film which has many life lessons!

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Synopsis Marley and Me

John Grogan (Owen Wilson) and his wife, Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) are a pair of writers who work for the Philadelphia Inquirer. This childless husband and wife then moved from Philadelphia to Miami because their jobs required them to move.

Not having blessed with children, this couple apparently bought a Labrador so that they could both ‘learn’ to be good parents. Unfortunately, the dog they named Marley was truly a disaster.

Marley is not only hyperactive but also tends to make noise. The first thing Marley did was clearly mess up the entire contents of the house. This mischief soon continued when John and Jenny put Marley in a dog school. Instead of getting better, Marley expelled from this school. Unfortunately, John and Jenny already love Marley and can’t just throw Marley away.

Reviews Marley and Me

The film entitled MARLEY & ME tries to illustrate that life cannot always predicted and sometimes people have to improvise to be able to move forward. The couple John and Jenny always lived in order and never felt the difficulty of dealing with chaos until they decided to get a dog.

In fact, the dog named Marley is just an analogy for the child the couple is actually hoping for. They intend to learn to raise children by raising a dog. It may sound a little ‘harsh’, but the film adapted from a book written by a journalist named John Grogan is quite effective in depicting more or less the same situation.

David Frankel, the director, succeeded in turning this best-selling book into a visual form that is enjoyable for the whole family to watch. Even though it is included in the comedy film category, in the film MARLEY & ME there are still a few touching moments that are very touching. And it was all able to be portrayed well by the supporting actors and actresses.

Jennifer Aniston played the role of Jenny, who almost gave up when Marley’s behavior began to become difficult to control and even threatened to leave if Marley still lived in their house. However, in the end, the emotional bond between Marley and his two owners overcomes everything and becomes the perfect ending for a family consumption film.

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