Synopsis Batman Forever, Terror Grips Two Face and The Riddler

This an American superhero film released in 1995, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, and Chris O’Donnell, Michael Gough, and Pat Hingle.

The film produced by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics character Batman by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The third installment of Warner Bros. The original Batman film series, it is a standalone sequel to Batman Returns.

Telling about Batman who has to fight former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with the help of a love psychologist and young circus acrobat who becomes his partner, Robin.

This film received a lot of positive and negative criticism from film critics and received a rating of 39% on the official Rotten Tomatoes website.

Synopsis Batman Forever

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Batman Forever Synopsis

In Gotham City, superhero Batman (Val Kilmer) defuses a hostage situation orchestrated by the criminal known as Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), former district attorney Harvey Dent. Flashbacks reveal that Two-Face damaged by acid by mobster Sal Maroni, which Batman failed to prevent, causing Dent to develop a split personality.

Edward Nygma (Jim Carrey), an eccentric researcher at Wayne Enterprises, approaches his employer, Batman’s true identity, Bruce Wayne, with an invention that can send television signals directly into a person’s brain.

Bruce apparently disapproves of the device, concerned about the mind-manipulating effects it produces. After killing his boss and deeming it a suicide, Nygma resigns and plots revenge against Bruce, sending riddles to him. Criminal psychologist Dr. Chase Meridian diagnosed Nygma as psychotic.

Synopsis Batman Forever

Bruce Attends Haly’s Circus With Chase

Bruce attends a Haly Circus event with Chase. Two-Face hijacks the event and threatens to detonate a bomb unless Batman reveals his identity. Acrobat Dick Grayson, the youngest member of the Flying Graysons. Manages to throw a bomb into the river, but Two-Face kills his family.

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Bruce persuades the orphaned Dick to live in Wayne Manor as his ward, and Dick discovers that Bruce is Batman. Determined to avenge his family, Dick demands to join Batman in fighting crime, hoping to kill Two-Face, but Bruce refuses.

Nygma, inspired by Two-Face, created a new persona named, Riddler, and teamed up with Two-Face. They carry out a series of heists to finance Nygma’s new company and mass-produce his brainwave device, a box. Which steals information from the user’s mind and transfers it to Nygma’s mind.

Synopsis Batman Forever

Batman Against Two Face

That, it turns out, made Nygma even smarter in the process. At a party thrown by Nygma, Batman arrives to fight Two-Face and nearly killed, only to be saved by Dick (Chris O’Donnell).

After that, Batman came to Chase (Nicole Kidman), to explain that he had fallen in love with Bruce. He reveals to her his secret identity. The Riddler and Two-Face, having discovered Bruce’s secret through the Box, destroy the Batcave, shoot Bruce and kidnap Chase.

As Bruce recovers, he and his butler Alfred already know that Nygma is the Riddler. Bruce at that time thought he could not defeat them alone. Finally accepting Dick as Batman’s partner, who was renamed Robin.

At the Riddler’s lair, Robin nearly kills Two-Face, but saves him, allowing Two-Face to hold him at gunpoint. The Riddler reveals that Chase and Robin were bound and gagged in tubes over a deadly waterfall, giving Batman the chance to save only one.