Synopsis Bring It On, Ghost : Comedy and Horror Drama

Thelongestfilm Bring It On, Ghost, or Let’s Fight Ghost is a tvN drama that was first broadcast on July 11, 2016, and you can watch it in marathons. This Korean romantic comedy and horror drama adapted from the webcomic series Let’s Fight Ghost by Iminsu. In the drama version, Bring It On, Ghost written by Lee Dae Il and under the direction of director Park Joon Hwa.

This supernatural drama stars talented young actress Kim So Hyun, who recently played a role in the Viu original drama River Where the Moon Rises. He has successfully played various hit dramas, such as Love Alarm, The Tale of Nokdu, Who Are You: School 2015, Goblin, and many more.

Synopsis Bring It On, Ghost

In the drama Bring It On, Ghost, Kim So Hyun will paired with Ok Taecyeon, the rapper from the boy group 2PM. Debuting as the main player at Dream High, Ok Taecyeon continues to actively star in other hit dramas such as Save Me, The Game: Towards Zero, and Vincenzo.

Come on! See the full synopsis of Bring It On, Ghost below before watching Korean dramas from Kim So Hyun and Ok Taecyeon.

Synopsis  Bring It On, Ghost (Let’s Fight Ghost)

Bring It On, Ghost (Let’s Fight Ghost) tells the story of a high school girl ghost named Hyun Ji (played by Kim So Hyun) who has been dead for 5 years. He lost all his memories and wandered around to find traces of his life. Hyun Ji meets Bong Pal (played by Ok Taecyeon), a university student with the ability to see and hear ghosts.

Synopsis Bring It On, Ghost

What he’s found over the years is that he can touch them and fight them, so when Bong Pal needs a part-time job but can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts placing advertisements online as an exorcist for hire.

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One night, Bong Pal goes to work and comes face-to-face with a student ghost. Bong Pal can’t chase him away and instead loses a fight with Hyun Ji’s ghost. However, Hyun Ji sees it differently. Her encounter with Bong Pal can help Hyun Ji remember her past and find out what really happened to her.

Synopsis Bring It On, Ghost

Come on, another marathon of drama! Ok Taecyeon, a student who can see ghosts, meets the ghost of Kim So Hyun, who has lost his memory. Don’t miss streaming or downloading Bring It On, Ghost (Let’s Fight Ghost).