Synopsis film The Internship: For the Sake of Working at Google

Synopsis film The Internship – The Internship is a comedy film that tells the story of the journey of two friends in their efforts to penetrate the job market at the Google company. They feel that street marketing services are no longer needed. Finally, after being unemployed, the two of them decided to compete with other interns to work at Google. This film has the support of the main actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Vin Vaughn also wrote the screenplay with Jared Stern. Meanwhile, the scenes in it are directed by director Shawn Levy. Other actors joining The Internship are Rose Byrne, Aasif Mandvi, Max Minghella, Josh Brener, and Dylan O’Brien. The rating on the IMDb site has a score of 6.3/10. Then, its global revenue has exceeded 93 million US dollars.

Synopsis film The Internship

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Synopsis film The Internship

The synopsis of the film The Internship begins with Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell looking for work after being laid off from their positions as watch sellers. Billy then applied for an internship at Google for the two of them. Then, they were accepted because their interview answers were unusual. Despite their lack of relevant experience, they are the only interns who are not college-equivalent.

They will spend the summer competing on teams against other interns, also known as “Nooglers” in various tasks. Billy and Nick work together with another intern who is considered a reject by another employee named Stuart. When the team is tasked with developing an app, Billy and Nick convince the team to have a fun evening.

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Synopsis film The Internship

The team staffed a technical support hotline

Before the sun rose, Stuart learned to appreciate his surroundings. Meanwhile. Nick has been flirting with an executive named Dana. The team also prepared technical support hotline staff, only Billy felt confused at the presentation. A Google Headphones employee approached Billy and told him that the way he interacted with people was special. He also taught Billy about technical information. Dana agrees to go on a date with Nick and he invites her over at the end of the night.

During the assignment, Billy felt comfortable with the material, but his team did not receive a score because he failed to record his calls properly for review.

Synopsis film The Internship

The final assignment is announced

The final task was announced as a sales challenge, the team had to sign the biggest companies to start advertising with Google. The team is stunned when Nick tells them that Billy is gone, and says that they don’t want to do their job without him. Nick convinces Billy to return, and Billy leads the team to show Sal, the owner of a local pizzeria.