Synopsis Legend of the Guardians, Movies about Owls !

Movies about Owls – Based on the fantasy epic Guardians of Ga’hoole by Kathryn Larski, Warner Bross Inc brought the heroic story of this owl to the big screen in 3 Dimensional (3D) format with the title Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

The Guardian of Ga’Hoole is a well-known fable in Australia. Three types of owls, Tyto, Soren, Eagletyn, and Kludd. They are brother and sister who live with their parents and a caretaker snake named Miss Pi.

movies about owls

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Movies about Owls : Inspired by Fairy Tales

Soren and Eagletyn were inspired by the stories their father told them before bed. The tale tells of the heroism of Ezylrib, a small owl who was nicknamed ‘The Guardian’ because of his bravery in defeating Skench, the ruler of St Aeglossius.

Skench, who is vengeful because of his defeat in the fight against Ezyl, is determined to build the St Aegolius academy, which he calls the Kingdom of the True. Skench lost his beak and eye during the fight against Ezyl.

Once upon a time, Kludd, Soren’s older brother, didn’t believe his father’s fairy tales. When he and Soren were learning to fly without their father’s supervision, they suddenly fell. When in danger, Soren and Kludd are kidnapped by a squad of owls and taken to St. Aegolius. On that trip, Soren got to know Gylfie, a small owl and not as strong as the Tyto owl.

movies about owls

Soren and Gylfie work together

From this meeting, Soren and Gylfie worked together to get out of the kingdom of the True One. Various efforts were made until they were finally freed to search for the real Guardian. Will Soren and Gylfie succeed in finding the Guardian? What happened to Kludd who refused to leave St Aegolius?

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movies about owls

Cool 3D movie

You don’t need to worry about feeling tired because the 3D in this film can really get a thumbs up. Don’t worry, if some 3D films don’t provide subtitles, for this film subtitles are available in Indonesian.

This three-dimensional animated film is full of moral messages. This film is recommended for children to watch with parental guidance. Envy, revenge, betrayal, balance with the morals of friendship and mutual help presented in this animation.

The story between Kludd and Soren is also full of moral messages, namely that as brothers you should help each other, not hurt each other. The moral message put forward in this film is to believe in yourself and follow your heart.