7 Movies About Travelling on Netflix Recommendation

Movies About Travelling on Netflix – Weekends are the most exciting when spent traveling. Enjoying free time relieves the stress of work. But, if you are too lazy to step out of the room, watching dramas or TV series on Netflix could be an option. Believe me, these 8 TV shows that air on Netflix will make you more comfortable looking at the screen than walking through a mall full of people.

Movies About Travelling on Netflix

1. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

This Netflix TV series tells the story of the journey of a British comedian, Jack Whitehall, with his father Michael. The two father and son pairs went on a long trip around Southeast Asia to strengthen their bond.

This father and son have different characters. Jack Whitehall was always enthusiastic, slow, and fun. Meanwhile, the father is a stiff and uninteresting figure. However, on this trip, Jack Whitehall invited his father to enjoy a different trip, like a backpacker. Stay overnight in a hostel, sample street food in Bangkok, and take the long journey from Bangkok to Cambodia on a shabby train. Exciting!

2. Long Way Round

Long Way Round

The next TV series is Long Way Round. This program tells the story of Erwan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s long journey from London to New York using a motorbike. They passed through 12 countries for more than 115 days by motorbike. Every once in a while, they stop by a UNICEF program and take part in it. Does anyone want to try doing the same thing in Indonesia?

3. HumanPlanet


Initially, this TV series was broadcast on the BBC. However, it can now be watched on Netflix. By watching Human Planet, you can explore the dangers and natural riches of 40 countries from the screen. Each series consists of 8 episodes that focus on arctic environments, grasslands, forests, deserts, rivers, oceans, mountains and cityscapes. In this journey, John Hurt depicts the relationship between humans and nature by showing the important ways that humans have adapted to life in every environment on earth.

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4. Narcos

Movies About Travelling on Netflix

This documentary tells the story of life in Central and South America. You will witness the era of power of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar from the 70s to the 90s. This series will take you on a trip to Colombia, Peru, Bogota, and Mexico. Along the way, you will see real Central and South American life. Violent dramas, city views and the lives of local residents become learning media without you having to experience the moment yourself.

5. An Idiot Aboard

Movies About Travelling on Netflix

If Narcos makes you a little nervous, the TV series An Idiot Aboard will keep you entertained and even laughing while watching it. This TV series is hosted by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Like you, they have a friend who likes to complain while traveling named Karl Pilkington.

So, so that Karl Pilkington would no longer be an annoying person, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchan sent their friend to enjoy his journey as a real traveler. Experience the excitement of living among local residents on Desert Island, South Pacific, New Zealand.

6. Unbranded

Movies About Travelling on Netflix

Have you watched Wild West? This Unbranded documentary has a slight resemblance to the Wild West. This documentary tells the story of the journey of four cowboys from Texas from Mexico to Canada on horseback. If you think that the United States is only about New York Square, this film will change your view. Wild mustangs, learning to lasso, and a never-before-seen American ranch.

7. Girls Eat World

Movies About Travelling on Netflix

This TV series is about the culinary journey of Kamini Pather, who previously won Masterchef South Africa. Kamini Pather traveled from Dubai to Berlin just in search of delicious culinary delights. Not only that, Kamini also got to know local bloggers and discovered hidden local snacks.

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