Synopsis of Nightcrawler, Freelance Reporter’s Big Ambition

Synopsis of Nightcrawler – Being a reporter requires sensitivity, especially when looking for news. Reporters must also have a high sensitivity to various events. This is also what Lou (Jake Gyllenhaal), a freelance TV reporter, is trying to do. In the film Nightcrawler, Lou carries out his actions at night. It’s just that ambition makes him cross moral boundaries. Are you curious about the storyline of this film directed by Dan Gilroy? Come see more details in the following film synopsis.

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Nightcrawler Synopsis

Louis “Lou” Bloom is a man who lives in Los Angeles. One night, he went to a construction project site. He intended to steal items at that location. Lou’s actions were discovered by security officers. Lou then attacked the security guard and took the watch from the security guard’s hand. He then left with the stolen items.

Lou took his stolen goods to a dealer and sold them all. He then asked the collector for job vacancies, but the collector answered that he did not employ thieves.

On the way home, Lou sees a traffic accident. There, he saw someone documenting the incident. Joe Loder was one of the people who took photos at the scene. Joe tells Lou that he sold footage of the incident to the local news media.

Synopsis of Nightcrawler: Lou felt inspired

Seeing that, Lou felt inspired. He was also interested in following in Joe’s footsteps. But to do this job, Lou needs money. He also stole a bicycle and then sold it to buy a camera and radio scanner. Lou then starts wandering around at night looking for interesting events. Lou uses a radio scanner to pick up the Police’s radio signal. Unfortunately, Lou failed to record the incident on the street.

Until finally on the third try, Lou succeeded in carrying out the action. He managed to record the car robbery incident. He took the recording of the incident to KWLA 6, a local television station. Lou is then met by Nina Romina, the host of the morning news show.

Nina tells Lou that KWLA 6 is interested in footage showing the incident as well as violence. Moreover, if the incident occurs in a white neighborhood. Lou then placed an ad looking for an assistant. Rick, a homeless man applies for the job. Lou thinks Rick fits the typical person he needs. Rick also started working for Lou.

Lou and Rick drive around Los Angeles

Lou and Rick drive around Los Angeles at night. They listened to the radio to find out the location of the incident. One time, there was a murder incident. Lou and Rick come to the location. Lou even dared to change details at the crime scene. This was done to get a good angle for recording.

Lou’s recording of the incident came at a high price. Lou bought a new car and camera to improve the quality of his recordings.

In the midst of his success as a freelance reporter, Lou urges Nina to date him. Lou says that Nina really needs good ratings for her show. He threatened not to give the recording if Nina refused to have sex. Nina also agreed.

Murder in the Granada Hills area

One night, Lou and Rick heard information about a murder in the Granada Hills area. Lou arrived at the location before the police. Lou tries to record. He started recording when the killer left the scene. Lou continued recording all the way into the house. After that, Lou edited the recording and handed it to Nina.

Seeing the results, the crew at the television station felt that Lou’s actions had violated the code of ethics. However, Nina insisted on releasing it to the public. For his efforts, Lou asked for credit for himself and more money. A Police detective, Frontieri comes to Lou’s house. He tries to find Lou’s connection to the murder incident. Will Lou’s action stop?

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