Synopsis of Don’t Worry Darling (2022), A World Full of Deception

Synopsis of Don’t Worry Darling – Alice is the wife of an employee of a new company who lives with her husband in a settlement that has everything. But when she begins to find many oddities in it, Alice begins to feel uneasy and looks for answers that are difficult to find. Danger threatened when he argued with the company leadership.

Don’t Worry Darling a psychological thriller film by Olivia Wilde which was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on September 23 2022. Having a familiar premise, almost similar to the film The Stepford Wives (2004), this film tries to inject more psychological elements into the plot. the story.

Starring an actress whose acting never disappoints, Florence Pugh, will this film be able to make us understand the meaning behind the story? Check out the following review to find out a more in-depth review of this film.

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Synopsis of Don’t Worry Darling

Alice and Jack live in a beautiful settlement in the middle of the desert occupied by Victory employees. The lives of its residents are in the style of the 1950s, very orderly. Husbands go to work every morning and wives take care of the household work until their husbands come home from work.

On weekends, they often gather or party to relieve fatigue. This picture of a perfect life begins to be disrupted when one of the residents, Margaret, behaves strangely at a party.

When Alice looked for Jack, she met Margaret who given medicine by her husband. And Alice also saw the figure of Frank, their leader, as a strange and mysterious person. Frank observes Alice and Jack making out.

Plane Crashes in the Middle of the Desert

As Alice travels through town, she sees a plane that has crashed in the middle of the desert. He got off the bus and chased it. It turned out he arrived at Victory head office. After she touches the glass in the building, Alice experiences hallucinations. At home, Alice began to encounter many oddities.

He received a call from Margaret who said that she had also experienced something similar. Alice then went to Margaret but instead saw Margaret slit her own throat on the roof of her house. Immediately, the red-clothed guards took Alice away.

Dr. Collins checked and was about to give medicine to calm Alice, but she refused. Colins also said that Margaret was now fine after falling from the roof of the house while cleaning windows yesterday. Alice was confused, because that wasn’t how it happened. Collins’s bag was left on the sofa and Alice stole Margaret’s medical document file, which turned out to have all its contents crossed out. During a party at a bar, Alice cries in the bathroom.

Bunny accuses Alice of being selfish

Bunny tries to calm her down, but instead they fight because Alice’s explanation is thought to endanger their lives. Also Bunny accuses Alice of being selfish. A few days later, Alice and Jack invited some of their friends over for dinner at home. Frank and his wife also attended.

Frank grills Alice in the kitchen about her suspicions to Victory. Carried away by emotions, Alice tried to reveal Frank’s cover at the dinner table, but the guests thought Alice was crazy and left the event. Alice invites Jack to leave Victory. When they were in the car, the guards in red took Alice away from the car and left Jack screaming. Alice was taken to Dr. Collins and given electric shock therapy.

Synopsis of Don’t Worry Darling: Future Vision

When she electrocuted, Alice had a vision of herself in a more modern era and working as a surgeon. He lives with Jack who unemployed. They quarreled because Alice tired from work and wanted to rest.

A few days later, Alice returned home and greeted by Bunny. But memories and hallucinations in his mind always appeared. And immediately, Alice knew what really happened to her. What does Alice know? And how does he get out of the situation? Continue the excitement of this film by watching it until the end.

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