Synopsis of Plane Film 2023, Pilot’s Decision to Save Passengers

Plane Film 2023 – Becoming a pilot is a prestigious job that many workers out there want. However, even though it looks prestigious, in reality being a pilot is not an easy job. The pilot must ensure that the hundreds of lives on board the plane safe in his hands at any cost, even the pilot must sacrifice himself.

This is what Brodie, a commercial airplane pilot, felt like, who had to save all his passengers after the plane he was carrying had a malfunction and landed on a dangerous island. Can Brodie carry out his duties well and bring the passengers back to their families?

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Synopsis Plane Film 2023

New Year usually the most awaited day for many people because it a big holiday that used to gather with family or friends; However, for people who work in the service or hospitality sector, this rarely happens. They will all continue to work to help their customers.

This felt by a pilot from TrailBlazer airline named Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler), he had to lead a flight from Singapore to Tokyo for 6 hours straight with several other colleagues, namely Co-Pilot, Samuel Dele (Yoson An), Chief Flight Attendant, Bonnie ( Daniella Pineda) and other flight attendants.

Brodie went to Hawaii anyway

However, Brodie promised his only daughter, Daniella (Haleigh Hekking), that he could still go to Hawaii after completing his assignment and go on holiday with his son. Once everything deemed to be in order, the plane ready to take off. There was information about a storm but the ground said it was not a problem.

TrailBlazer flight number 119 is underway, there only 14 passengers on board, including one of the extradition murder convicts who will transported to the US after transiting in Tokyo, namely Louis Gaspere (Mike Colter). The inmate is under the full supervision of all flight crew.

After 19 minutes in the air, the previously announced storm hit so the turbulence felt to be very strong. This made Brodie have to avoid the storm by climbing 40,000 feet above the plane’s cruising limit. Just as he breathed a sigh of relief because he felt safe, lightning struck and scorched the avionics, causing him to lose control.

Brodie and Dele prepare for any eventuality. They only relied on the plane’s emergency battery power because the engine couldn’t start. Initially they decided to ditch (land in the water) but because the waves were very big they ended up landing the plane on a foreign island.

Plane Film 2023: Dangerous Island

This island a remote island in a remote area of the Philippines called Jolo. When the plane managed to land even though two people died, one flight attendant and one police officer supervising prisoners, Dele then told Brodie that the island was very dangerous after looking at the map.

The island owned by militants who hate the government so they created their own government. The entire population is extremely vicious and loves to kill if their demands not met. Even the Philippine government doesn’t want to bother with the Jolo island nation.

What feared actually happened. As soon as all the passengers were asked to get off the plane and stay in a makeshift tent while Brodie and Louis went looking for help, militant troops on the island of Jolo led by Datu Junmar (Evan Dane Taylor) came in ambush and ended up taking everyone hostage.

Brodie and Louis, who now working together, have to rack their brains on how they can save the passengers who in danger even though they both clearly outnumbered and outgunned by the Junmar troops. They really running out of time because two passengers have started to killed.

Brodie and Louis Try to Disable Blind Spots

Brodie and Louis finally tried to paralyze Junmar’s blind spot by quietly crushing the troops on duty one by one. So finally Brodie was able to get to the place where the passengers were being held hostage. Brodie asks everyone to get on the bus and will go back to the plane.

Hearing that they were going back to the plane, the passengers refused because it would be the same as committing suicide. However, it turned out that Brodie had managed to call the airline and tell them about the situation. He had also left a message on the plane and activated the radar after it had been repaired by Dele previously.

Believing Brodie’s words, they obeyed. One by one they got on the bus. However, problems arose again, because buses could not pass through the main road because Junmar and his troops were guarding there. Not wanting to take risks, Brodie surrendered himself and considered it the biggest ransom because he was the captain.

Negotiations were unsuccessful

The negotiations carried out by Brodie and Junmar turned out to unsuccessful so Junmar decided to kill Brodie. At the same time, another militant force from a private agent belonging to the TrailBlazer airline came to help rescue Brodie and the others. The leader of the squad is Shellback (Remi Adeleke).

The owner of TrailBlazer and a former Special Forces officer who worked for the airline sent the troops because he knew about the conditions on the island of Jolo. Gunfire ensued. Even though Junmar’s troops were large, the TrailBlazer troops were trained enough to able to turn the situation around.

Driven by one of the passengers, the bus headed back to the plane. Dele, who has had the chance to make the plane operational again, is positive that the plane can fly again but navigation is not yet functional. With reckless capital, Brodie and Dele tried to fly the plane with help.

The entire TrailBlazer troop entered the plane after successfully paralyzing almost all of the Junmar troops. Louis, who did not participate because he wanted to escape from custody, helped Brodie secure the runway. The plane successfully flew and landed on Siasi Island. All passengers were safe and thanked Brodie.

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