Synopsis of the film Beautiful Disaster, starring Dylan Sprouse

Beautiful Disaster is a romantic drama film that tells the love story of two people from very different backgrounds. This American film directed by Roger Kumble and an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Jamie McGuire.

The novel from this film has attracted the attention of readers and has long discussed to adapted into a film story. The adaptation of the novel Beautiful Disaster has actually widely heard about since 2012. At that time, Warner Bros. Entertainment reportedly interested in bringing Beautiful Disaster to the big screen, but this never materialized. Until 2021, Voltage Pictures chosen to produce this novel into a film.

A number of famous Hollywood stars participated in this film, such as Dylan Sprouse, Virginia Gardner, Autumn Reeser, Libe Barer, and Michael Cudlitz. Beautiful Disaster a reunion event for Dylan and Virginia, both of whom have been involved in several film projects such as the film After We Collided and also the film My Fake Boyfriend.

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Synopsis of Beautiful Disaster

This 96 minute film tells the story of the life of a woman named Abby Abernathy (Virginia Garden). He is a new student at a campus in California. Abby forced to run away from her home in Los Angeles to escape her dark past, plus she also has dreams of becoming a student and continuing her studies well.

Luckily, in overseas land, Abby meets America Mason (Libe Barer), who becomes her best friend. America is a good friend who is ready to accompany Abby in any trouble. One night, America and his girlfriend took Abby to an unofficial underground boxing match. At this place, Abby accidentally meets Travis Maddox (Dylan Sprouse), who known as a bad boy on campus and often spends his nights fighting in the competition ring.

That night’s meeting made Travis curious about an innocent girl named Abby who refused to get to know him. Finally Travis asks Abby to bet, if Abby loses then she loses the next fight, Abby has to have a relationship with Travis for a month. However, if she wins, Abby will have to live in Travis’ apartment for the same amount of time.

Based on a popular novel

The film Beautiful Disaster an adaptation of the popular New York Times novel written by Jamie McGuire. This novel has won many fans and is successful because of its emotional story and complex characters. As a result of the popularity of this novel, there have been plans to adapt this novel into a film for a long time.

In 2012, Warner Bros. Entertainment interested in making the novel into a film, but unfortunately the project was never realized. The novel was finally selected by Voltage Pictures to be made into a film and production began in 2021. This film was then released in Indonesia in May 2023.

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