The Five Year Engagement Movie Cast and Synopsis

The Five Year EngagementJason Segel, an American actor who is famous for his role as Marshall in the TV series How I Met Your Mother, is indeed a talented actor. In the world of film, he is not only good at playing roles, but is also active as a scriptwriter, director and producer.

He has involved in several film productions, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets, and voiced the character Vector in the first series of Despicable Me, Gru’s rival in the attempt to steal the moon.

After playing a heartbroken man who finds it difficult to move on from his ex-girlfriend in the 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Segel turned into a man who has great confidence in marrying the woman he has dating since last year in the film The Five-Year Engagement, the film romantic comedy which created as a reunion between Nicholas Stoller and Segel.

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Synopsis The Five Year Engagement

In this film, which released in April 2012, Segel plays Tom Solomon, who works as a great chef. He has a girlfriend named Violet (Emily Blunt), whom he has been dating since New Year last year, at a New Year’s party. It was also at that party that they first met, and at the current New Year’s party Tom proposed to Violet.

They immediately held an engagement event which attended by family and close relatives. There was nothing strange about Tom’s family, but a lot of problems happened to Violet’s family. Her parents had divorced and this divorce made Suzie, Violet’s sister, become distrustful of marriage. But at this engagement event, he actually met Alex, Tom’s best friend who is also a chef. And because of an unplanned pregnancy, Suzie and Alex got married before Tom and Violet.

Violet’s Dream Wedding

Violet, who wanted a luxurious and beautiful wedding ceremony, forced to postpone her wedding because it difficult to find a wedding venue that could rented for the weekend. Plus, his desire to continue his doctoral education in psychology required him to move from the warm city of San Francisco to the always frozen Michigan. For his loyalty to Violet, Tom was willing to give up his great career in San Francisco to work as a sandwich maker in Michigan.

Violet’s rapid progress in her education meant that their marriage had to be postponed again, as the title suggests, for five years. This delay apparently made the distance between them even greater. Added to this, Tom’s disappointment with his career, the atmosphere in his life, and Violet’s affair with her mentor, meant that the delay ended in the failure of the marriage.

Overall, this film provides an interesting theme, especially for couples who are already planning a wedding. This film teaches a lesson that if you are serious, why delay. Or maybe it’s the opposite, there’s no need to rush into marriage before really getting to know your potential partner.

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