Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty (2011): Erotic Drama

Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty (2011). An erotic drama film from Australia that we must watch at least once in our lifetime. Maybe when you read the appeal I made in the title and opening paragraph, you immediately thought I was “really too stupid.” Yes, please feel free to provide any comments.

Yes, the point is, I couldn’t possibly give the comment “You really have to watch it at least once in your life,” if I didn’t believe that the film was good and highly recommended. And in fact, Sleeping Beauty is exactly that. OK, instead of me continuing to comment on this and that, please just watch the film after first reading the synopsis review of the film Sleeping Beauty below.

Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty

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Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty tells the story of a cute student named Lucy (Emily Browning). Even though he has a cute face, don’t be mistaken, guys! He is a very active and tough figure. This is because he is not only busy studying. But he also has multiple jobs. He worked in offices, restaurants, and was a human research subject in a laboratory (yes of course he was paid).

He did all of this not only to pay his tuition fees, but also his rent. Coincidentally, he lives with Lucy’s girlfriend’s sister and several friends.

Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty

Working as a servant for an elderly man

However, despite doing 3 jobs at once, unfortunately the income he gets is not enough to pay for everything. He immediately answered and tried to apply for a job advertisement which basically combined elements of lingerie modeling and catering. He was finally accepted.

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Synopsis of the film Sleeping Beauty

However, as the film progresses, we finally realize that this new job also includes serving philandering male clients who are mostly elderly. And one form of service is sexual. However, there is one firm rule given by the boss and owner of the business, Clara (Rachael Blake). The rule is that the client and the female worker (Lucy or another) are not allowed to carry out any penetrative activities at all.

Wow, what would happen if both of them went “too far?” So can this job really save Lucy’s financial situation? Well, please watch Sleeping Beauty on your favorite broadcast platform to find out the answer.