Thor: Love and Thunder Showtimes and Synopsis

Thor: Love and Thunder – Gorr the God Butcher’s action of killing the gods one by one caught Thor’s attention. When New Asgard was attacked by Gorr, Thor came to confront him and met his old love in a new form, Jane the Mighty Thor. Not getting reinforcements, Thor must face Gorr alone in the shadow realm to free the sons and daughters of Asgard who are being held hostage.

Thor: Love and Thunder is a superhero film by Taika Waititi which was released by Walt Disney Pictures on July 8 2022. A sequel to Thor: Ragnarok and the 29th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this film features many surprising new characters.

Having experienced filming delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this film completed 5 months of shooting in Australia in 2021. Are you ready to listen to the new adventure of the God of Thunder? Check out the following review before watching the film.

Thor: Love and Thunder

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Synopsis Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy fought against a nation that destroyed a temple worshiping one of the gods on a planet. With his great strength, Thor defeated the nation but also accidentally destroyed the cult’s temple. Thor was gifted two giant goats. From the leader of this planet, Thor first received information about Gorr the God Butcher.

After receiving a distress call from Sif, Thor chose to help Sif himself and parted ways with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Meeting with Sif, Thor sees evidence of Gorr’s savagery in slaughtering the gods.

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Thor: Love and Thunder

Attack on New Asgard

Meanwhile, New Asgard, which is now a tourist attraction, is attacked by Gorr and his shadow troops. Thor arrives in time and helps Valkyrie fight these evil forces. In the battle, Thor saw Mjolnir fly and hit the shadow army.

It turns out that the current holder of Mjolnir is Jane who has transformed into The Mighty Thor. Their meeting opened up many old memories. But their current focus is on rescuing the children of Asgard who were kidnapped by Gorr. But they didn’t know where Gorr was hiding the children of Asgard until Heimdall’s son Axl contacted Thor with his inner eye.

Thor, Valkyrie, Korg and Jane plan to ask for help from the gods’ troops. For this reason, they went to the city of Omnipotent to meet Zeus and other gods. They ride a boat pulled by two giant goats with Stormbreaker’s navigational powers. The information about Gorr and the request for troop procurement conveyed by Thor in the forum of the gods was responded to lightly and cynically by Zeus.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Fighting is inevitable

Thor and his companions did not accept the ridicule thrown at them. The fight is inevitable and Thor wounds Zeus with his own Thunderbolt which is then taken by Valkyrie. They immediately entered the shadow realm to rescue the children held hostage by Gorr. On the way, Jane tells Thor that she has stage 4 cancer and has come to New Asgard to seek treatment. It turns out that Mjolnir called him and he was whole again from a shard. But even though she has superpowers, Jane’s cancer cannot be cured either.

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Arriving in the shadow realm, Jane realizes that this is just a trap from a scheme she found on the cave wall. It turns out the key to unlocking Eternity is Stormbreaker.

Before facing Gorr, Jane throws Stormbreaker as hard as she can. But the four of them were no match for Gorr with his Necrosword weapon. When Thor opens a portal to exit the shadow realm, Gorr manages to steal Stormbreaker from him. With Korg only having his face left, Valkyrie injured by being stabbed by the Necrosword and Jane having to be treated for cancer, Thor is forced to face Gorr alone.

Thor only brought Thunderbolt and Zeus

Without Stormbreaker and Mjolnir, Thor only carries Zeus’ Thunderbolts with him. Thor arrives at the Bifrost and frees the children of Asgard. To face the shadow army led by Gorr, Thor gives the children of Asgard his power. The battle begins and Thor still cannot defeat Gorr. Jane arrives on time and helps Thor.

Stormbreaker was successfully removed and taken away by the children of Asgard. Jane, with the last of her strength, destroys Necrosword using Mjolnir. But Gorr managed to get into Eternity. What prayer will Gorr pray? Was he praying for all the gods to be wiped out as per his original intention? Or did he ask for something else? Get the answer by watching this exciting film until the end.