Synopsis of the film Zombie World War Z (2013)

Film World War Z – In a matter of minutes, many countries were infected with the zombie virus which can infect a person in just 12 seconds. Gerry and Karin and their two daughters have to hurry if they don’t want to turn into these creatures. However, when he just wanted to save himself, Gerry was given a quite difficult task. This former UN member was faced with a risky job.

Zombies in film World War z are guaranteed to make your adrenaline rise. The zombies move very quickly and prey on anyone. So that the film runs more perfectly, Brad Pitt was cast as the main star. What is Brad Pitt’s action like in this film? Curious? You can read the synopsis and review first below!

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Synopsis Film World War Z

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) lives happily with his wife, Karin Lane (Mirelle Enos) and their two daughters, Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) and Connie (Sterling Jerins). One morning, Gerry seemed busy making breakfast for them before getting ready to go somewhere. Gerry and his family live in Philadelphia. Gerry himself is a former UN agent.

While on the road, Gerry and his family were stuck in extraordinary traffic jams. Unlike normal days, that morning the streets of Philadelphia were full of vehicles. On the radio, they heard the news that WHO had tracked an outbreak of a new type of rabies which originally only existed in Taiwan but has now spread to 12 countries.

Suddenly, from behind, a police officer’s motorbike was seen speeding up and hitting the rear of Gerry’s car. The head of the household went down to see the situation when an explosion from the front shocked him. He then rushed into the car and suddenly things got out of control. Gerry’s car was hit here and there until it was damaged.

The people around you are starting to get weird

Not wanting to wait, Gerry invited his wife and children to walk. At the same time, Gerry saw people starting to act strangely. They attacked blindly. One of the men was seen turning into a zombie after being bitten by another in just 12 seconds. Seeing this terrible thing, Gerry immediately took his family away using the car he found there.

On the way, Rachel experienced shortness of breath while her inhaler was left in their destroyed car. Not long after, Gerry got a call from his friend, Thierry UMutoni (Fana Mokoena). Thierry is an old friend of Gerry’s when he worked at the UN. Now he is one of the important people there. Thierry said that almost all of New York has been infected. He then promised to send a helicopter to pick up Gerry and his family the next day.

Gerry Continues Journey

Gerry continued his journey again, this time looking for a drug store or something to get an inhaler and medicine for Rachel. They managed to reach a supermarket and took some medicine and food supplies. When he got the medicine, two men tried to rob Karin, luckily Gerry immediately saved his wife.

When they left the shop and were about to continue their journey, the car that Gerry had brought disappeared, taken by someone else. One family had no other choice but to immediately seek high shelter. On the way, zombies started to arrive so Gerry chose to enter a nearby building. There they meet Tommy’s (Sacharee Guido) family.

When he turned on the radio again, Gerry heard the news that the virus had spread more widely to many countries. After resting for some time, Gerry invited Tommy’s two families to leave there, but they refused. Gerry also prepared himself with minimal protection and weapons. They then rushed to the top of the building, waiting for Thierry’s evacuation.

Zombie attacks are starting to come

When he was about to use the emergency stairs, zombie attacks started coming. The resulting commotion lured more zombies out. The battle between Gerry and the zombies can no longer be avoided. Luckily, when he started to get overwhelmed, Tommy came to his rescue.

The boy shot a zombie that was about to bite Gerry. As a result, zombie blood entered Gerry’s mouth. Realizing this, he immediately vomited it out. Gerry and Tommy rushed to the top of the building following Karin and her two daughters.

After arriving at the top, Gerry was seen separating and counting to 12. Gerry was worried that he had contracted the zombie virus due to the blood that had entered his mouth. Thankfully, the man didn’t experience any changes.

The UN plans to send Fassbach to South Korea

Gerry and his family plus Tommy were taken to a base built by the military on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the sea. There Gerry finally met Thierry. After making sure his friend’s family had a place to rest, Thierry showed Gerry a virologist named Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel).

The UN plans to send Fassbach to South Korea to look for clues about the virus in a mysterious memo. If they already know the identity of the virus that is endemic, they can only find a vaccine. Unexpectedly, Gerry was asked to help investigate this virus case. Remembering that when he was at the UN, Gerry was famous for his ability to investigate things. Can Gerry stop the spread of this virus? Can he save his family and human civilization?

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