Synopsis & Review Film Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Synopsis Requiem for a Dream. Everyone must have a dream that they want to achieve. What distinguishes one from the other is how big the dream is and how big the determination is to make it happen.

But sometimes a determination that is too big and excessive can make someone set aside everything in order to make it happen. It’s not even rare to dare to sacrifice something valuable. When someone is controlled by a dream, then what appears is obsession. Obsession is what can lead to destruction. As happened in the movie Requiem for a Dream.

Each character in the film has a dream, and the dream is so high that it actually destroys them. Come on, let’s discuss it more fully in the following synopsis and review!

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Synopsis Requiem for a Dream

Sara Goldfarb is an elderly woman whose husband died. Harry, Sara’s only child, no longer lives with her. To pass the time, he likes to watch television, with his favorite show being Maylin and Block. She hopes to one day appear at the event wearing her favorite red dress.nHarry is trying to realize his dream with his girlfriend, Marion, namely to open a clothing store designed by Marion. Harry is addicted to heroin, even with his best friend Tyrone.

Harry and Tyrone also tried to raise money by selling heroin. Tyrone himself ran away from home and tried to get recognition from his mother.

Synopsis Requiem for a Dream

Sara gets an invite to the Maylin and Block event.

One day, Sara received the exciting news that she was invited to attend the Maylin and Block event. She immediately looked for her favorite red dress and tried it onattend the Maylin and Block event. She immediately looked for her favorite red dress and tried it on. Unfortunately, his body is not as slim as when he was young.

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He was determined to go on a strict diet so that the clothes would fit again. Apart from that, she also changed her hair color to red to match her dress. Sara reduced her food portions drastically. But when he does, the temptation to devour the food in the refrigerator haunts him even more. The planned diet failed. He gets advice from his friend Rae to see a doctor who can prescribe appetite suppressants.

Harry, who began to earn a high income, gave his mother a television as a gift. During a visit, Harry notices his mother’s weight loss, and the cause of the drug is amphetamine. Harry asked his mother to stop taking the drug. Sara refused on the grounds that she consumed it to appear on television and make her two friends, Ada and Rae, admire her. That way, he felt more alive.

Synopsis Requiem for a Dream

Synopsis Requiem for a Dream: Sara takes a lot of amphetamines.

Sara couldn’t wait for the day she would appear on television. As a result, he took more and more amphetamines. Meanwhile, Harry’s business is starting to get into trouble. Tyrone, who was looking for heroin, had to get caught up in a war between drug dealers and the mafia until he was caught by the police.

Harry uses the money from selling heroin to guarantee Tyrone’s release. There is a war between dealers and the mafia, making it difficult for them both to get goods to sell. Tyrone gets word that there is heroin to buy, but at double the price. To be able to buy heroin, Harry orders Marion to sleep with the psychiatrist Harry has met in order to get money.

Synopsis Requiem for a Dream

Harry and Marion’s relationship degrades.

Harry’s actions with Marion made their relationship worse, coupled with their condition, which was often under the influence of heroin. Meanwhile, Sara starts hallucinating that she is on television and is being jeered by the hosts as well as the audience. What’s worse, he hallucinated the fridge in the house attacking him.

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Sara decided to go to the Maylin and Block office to find out when she would appear on television. Harry and Tyrone had to go to Miami for heroin. On the way, Harry’s hand deteriorated, and Tyrone required Harry to be taken to the hospital. The risk is that they can be caught by the police. Meanwhile, Marion is having trouble finding money and has to sell her body. Any four of them survived?