Synopsis of Drama Series ‘DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: 60 DAYS’

Synopsis Designated Survivor – DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: 60 DAYS is a drama remake of the American series that was booming on Netflix in 2019, entitled DESIGNATED SURVIVOR. Even though they both have the same storyline, namely the National Assembly Building which bombed by terrorists, it packaged in a different way following the culture and politics in South Korea. The Korean version of DESIGNATED SURVIVOR has a story about a political feud on the Korean peninsula that separates two countries, namely North Korea and South Korea.

Many well-known actors and actresses have participated in making this series a success, such as Ji Jin Hee who this year is also the main character in UNDERCOVER, Heo Joon Ho who starred in MISSING: THE OTHER SIDE last year, Kang Han Na who was the second lead character. female in last year’s START-UP, as well as handsome ahjussi Lee Joon Hyuk who starred in the drama DARK HOLE this year, and many more. Here, Ji Jin Hee will play Park Moo Jin who sworn in as President suddenly for 60 days, Kang Han Na as Han Na Kyung an NIS (National Intelligence Agency) task force agent who investigates terrorist attacks. Then, Lee Joon Hyuk plays Oh Young Seok as an independent member of the National Assembly.

Synopsis Designated Survivor

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Synopsis Designated Survivor

This drama tells the story of Park Moo Jin, played by Ji Jin Hee, who has to sit in the presidency for 60 days after the bombing of the South Korean National Assembly Building that killed state officials including the President. Park Moo Jin tries to uncover the truth behind the terrorist attack that occurred during the State of the Union address. Park Moo Jin, who initially served as Minister of the Environment and had no ambitions in politics, immediately had to risk his life and be responsible for the country.

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For those of you who bored with romantic dramas, maybe this series right for you who are curious about the history of the Korean Peninsula. Before watching this, prepare free time to enjoy it, because it will take you a little to think about solving every problem that the President has to face. However, don’t afraid to get bored with the storyline, instead DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: 60 DAYS will make you open your eyes about the cunning world of politics. No need to wait any longer, let’s talk about this series!

Synopsis Designated Survivor

1. Synopsis Designated Survivor: Storyline

DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: 60 DAYS has a complicated, complex and confusing plot, however, the entire storyline packed with a rhythm that is not too fast and not too slow, so that it can lead the audience not to get confused with this political-themed series. Surely the director is very good at making the audience curious about the whole storyline in the next episode.

The plot twist that presented will also surprise the audience because they will never guess who behind the bombing and who involved in the tragic incident. The characters who play the terrorists so deep into their roles that we will deceived many times because we misplaced the guesses we have prepared. In fact, the end of the episode also presents a plot twist that would never have been expected before.

2. Full of Emotions

From the beginning of this episode of the series, the audience will taken with an atmosphere of tension that quite shocking because it shown with the scene of the collapse of a state building that cannot possibly destroyed. Then the emotional atmosphere presented again with the presence of a family who was crying with emotion in front of the State Assembly building who had lost their loved one. Then anxiety will envelope the audience when President Park Moo Jin is with state officials who must immediately make a short decision so as not to prolong problems with its rival country, North Korea.

Synopsis Designated Survivor

We as spectators will irritated by the actions of the antagonists who only concerned with personal matters rather than the state and the people. The President, Park Moo Jin, works relentlessly to fully expose the terrorists who have killed many innocent people. He who initially never hoped to become a President, now he must hold state power with full responsibility, even in the midst of the tough task he is carrying out, his family threatened by terrorists who targeting the President’s family.

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3. The Dilapidated World of Politics

As we know, the world of politics and the figures in it often get a negative image, such as making sweet promises without real evidence, in DESIGNATED SURVIVOR: 60 DAYS really opens up all the dirty secrets of the world of politics. In this series we can also see clearly the political turmoil in South Korea, who has a personal interest in carrying the country’s name. Many political figures are still selfish without thinking about the people under them.

Even the political figures in it managed to play the head of state as their puppet, unsparingly killing important figures in the country. Park Moo Jin’s prowess as the interim head of state is so extraordinary that it makes the country’s traitors fearful and in a short time, he has succeeded in uncovering the mastermind behind this terrorism incident. For this success, Park Moo Jin has many citizens who want him to continue his position as President.