Synopsis & Review Monster in Law

Thelongestfilm.comMonster in Law – Meeting future in-laws is definitely the most terrifying thing. If the future parents-in-law are super good, then it is certain that it will not be a problem, but what happens if your future parents-in-law are super sad and cynical. Still want to meet him? Or do you have a special trick to deal with the future in-laws?

That’s roughly the outline of the film made by director Robert Luketic. The beautiful Jennifer Lopez is also lined up to be the main character, making the film even more exciting to watch. Come on, follow how the beautiful J.Lo faces her future in-laws who make her life chaotic.

Synopsis Monster in Law

Charlie Chantilini (Jennifer Lopez) is a part-timer in various fields from yoga teachers to clothing designers living in suburban California. While walking some dogs which is part of her job, she accidentally meets a handsome man named Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan) who is a doctor.

The first glance succeeded in making Charlie’s heart swell. He immediately told his two best friends about it, and the next day, when he catering with the two friends, he met Kevin again, who immediately used as a sign that Charlie and Kevin were fated to meet and get to know each other.

Finally Charlie mustered up the courage to approach Kevin who was chatting with his friends. One of Kevin’s female friends didn’t like knowing that Kevin was close to Charlie the caterer, so he approached Charlie and said that Kevin was gay. Charlie shocked beyond words and felt that Kevin really wasn’t his soul mate.

Until one time, Charlie and Kevin met again. Kevin boldly asks Charlie out on a date, but Charlie confused because Kevin’s girlfriend says he is gay and feels cheated. Charlie can only laugh to himself and finally accepts Kevin’s invitation to go on a date. Their dating time was fairly fast until they finally decided to live together.

On the other hand, a middle-aged woman named Viola (Jane Fonda) in a critical period where her career as the host of the most popular talk show in America must surrender because she replaced by a younger and fresher host. Viola is so stressed that she attacks the potential successor, causing her to be hospitalized in a mental hospital.

Bride’s Fear

The story of this film seems to be a reflection of the prospective bride and groom, especially the bride, who will face her future in-laws later. Feelings of pressure, embarrassment, discomfort, and others occur as a result of the future in-laws giving ‘special’ training on how they should act when they are married to their children later.

Jane Fonda herself successfully played the super-strict and fierce future mother-in-law. Types of prospective mother-in-law that must faced with a cool head and patient doors as wide as the Atlantic ocean. The chemistry he built with Jennifer Lopez can said to be good; they look good in every scene, from silly scenes to serious scenes.

The Legend of Jane Fonda

This Monster-in-Law film is a comeback event for Jane Fonda, who has not appeared on the big screen for about 15 years. Therefore, lovers of old actresses have definitely been waiting for Jane Fonda’s presence after all this time. Jane Fonda’s acting considered quite good in this 101-minute film.

Even though Jane Fonda’s acting is okay, there are still parts where the comedy brought by Jane Fonda feels less exciting, maybe because the effect of these legendary mothers hasn’t appeared on the big screen for a very long time, so kids in the 2000s didn’t feel the comedy from this film. Most likely, only J. Lo known by quite a lot of people.

Marriage Film Expert

If you look at the film history played by Jennifer Lopez, you will definitely know her films such as Wedding Planner, Marry Me, or Maid in Manhattan. Do you realize that most of the films are about marriage? The Monster-In-Law film seems to add to the list of other J.Lo films that also discuss marriage.

This makes Jennifer Lopez such an icon for such films. His acting is sweet and can make comedy films come alive, making him the target of filmmakers who are working on films in the romance-comedy genre.

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