Synopsis & Review of Zathura, a Magical Mysterious Game

Synopsis of Zathura – When you were 5 to 10 years old, what games did you usually play with your younger siblings, older siblings or friends? Marbles? Jump rope? Or Hide and Seek? If you think this game is familiar, then follow the adventures of the two brothers in the film Zathura. They managed to play a super magical game.

They are thrown into space and have to play the game until the end. If they don’t finish, they can’t return to earth. Well, what a hassle it is! Will this pair of brothers be able to finish Zathura until the final round and what will happen to them next? Follow the synopsis and review below.

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Synopsis of Zathura

Lisa (Kristen Stewart), Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and Danny (Jonah Bobo) are siblings who live with their father. Meanwhile, their mother is elsewhere and will pick up her children for the holidays. While waiting, Lisa, who was assigned by her father to look after her younger siblings, instead slept, leaving Walter and Danny alone.

Walter chose to watch the game on TV, while Danny was completely bored because he had no one to play with, so he went around the house all the way to the basement. Arriving at the basement, he found an old iron game city called Zathura, which he didn’t know where it came from. Feeling it was a fun game, Danny asked his older brother to play together.

At first Walter was reluctant and didn’t want to play with his little brother, but after being persuaded and whining for company, Walter finally joined in playing the game. How to play is quite easy. They just have to turn the knob until their respective pawns run. As soon as the pawn stops, a card will come out and that will happen to both of them. If they stop at the gold spot, the card that comes out is the wish card.

Synopsis of Zathura: Let’s start this game

The game started. At first everything was fine, until the two of them turned the knob a few times, something strange happened. A meteor shower hits their residence.

At first they thought it was a natural phenomenon but more and more they realized that it really happened. When they were about to leave the house to save themselves, they were shocked because their house was already in the sky.

Due to vibrations everywhere, Lisa woke up and looked at the window and saw that the sky was already dark. Finally, she rushed to take a shower, but due to Zathura’s game, the card that came out made Lisa experience cryonics for a few moments before finally Walter and Danny turned the knob again and continued playing.

The results of the game resulted in chaos

The results of their game resulted in chaos everywhere. Starting from experiencing shock because their residence was approaching a super bright star, the appearance of a damaged robot whose function was unknown to the arrival of the Zorgons in the form of giant, terrifying lizards.

Danny also makes an alien astronaut come from nowhere to their residence which is now adrift in outer space. The astronaut (Dax Shepard) starts acting like a boss at Walter and Danny’s residence, eating food supplies and other things that annoy Walter. Walter finally shows a card he got from Zathura hoping it is a card to ‘activate’ Walter’s submissive mode. However, the astronaut only obeyed Danny because Danny was the one who called him.

Walter persuaded them to remove the astronaut from their residence, but Danny instead allowed the astronaut to stay with them. Hearing this, Walter was furious because he felt he was not considered an older brother and instead chose someone else. Walter and Danny’s relationship becomes even more complicated.

Synopsis of Zathura: Walter is considered to be cheating

As soon as they returned to play, Walter was furious because Danny’s plane was now more advanced than before. Discovering his younger brother’s fraudulent actions, Walter then forced Danny’s plane back to its original position. Walter’s actions turned out to be considered cheating by Zathura so he was thrown into space. Luckily, the astronaut managed to bring Walter back so they could immediately finish this magical game.

During Walter’s part, he gets a shooting star card, which means he can grant any request from the player who gets the card.

The astronaut then begged Walter not to make a request that he might regret because he would be angry with his younger brother, Danny. As soon as the request was made, the astronaut discovered Danny was not in his room.

He was so angry with Walter, but it turned out that Danny was under the mattress because he was afraid. Walter just hopes for a ball signed by his favorite player. Then Danny asked what was wrong and the astronaut immediately told the story about why he had been in space for such a long time. That’s because he expected his sister to disappear 15 years ago because he was upset. This incident meant that the game could not continue because there had to be two players.

The fight against Zorgon

Hearing this, Walter and Danny agreed to put their respective egos aside and help each other. At the same time, Lisa woke up again and turned the heating on again, even though at that time she was an astronaut. Walter and Danny had turned off everything that could emit heat so that Zorgon would leave. As a result Zorgon returns and attacks. Like it or not, Lisa and the others have to try to save themselves.

The battle against Zorgon was finally won by the Astronauts, Walter, Danny and Lisa. Once things started to improve, Walter returned to the game and got his shooting star card back.

He finally asked the astronaut to return to his former life. Be open to all the true facts; the astronaut is Walter. Everyone was shocked beyond belief. After that the game can be finished and they return to the real world.

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