Synopsis: The Story of Mechamato Movie – Story of Mechamato Movie. The Mechamato Movie is an animated film from Malaysia that will be released in 2022. This film is directed by Nizam Razak and is a film adaptation of the series with the same title.

Interestingly, this film tells the story of Bo Boi Boy. So, of course, you are no stranger to the animated character BoBoiBoy, right? The Mechamato Movie will tell about the origins of BoBoiBoy’s father, Amato. Intrigued by the synopsis?

Synopsis: “Mechamato Movie”

Synopsis: The Story of Mechamato Movie

The Mechamato Movie tells the story of a boy named Amato who has been proficient in martial arts since childhood. One day, he accidentally finds a spaceship. The plane that fell to Earth contained evil robots.

One of the robots he found was MechaBot, which has an extraordinary ability, namely to mechanize.

Mechanize can turn everyday objects into high-tech biotech devices, whether they are weapons or objects you want. Amato initially did not want to become a master for MechaBot. However, in the end, he wanted to become a MechaBot master.

Since then, MechaBot and Amato have started working together and shortened their names to Mechamato. Shortly thereafter, an evil alien named Grakakus arrives from outer space to snatch MechaBot from Amato’s hands and try to kill Amato.

Mechamato Movie Voice Actor

Synopsis: The Story of Mechamato Movie

Here they are: some of the voice actors from the Mechamato movie.

  • Armand Ezra as Amato or Mechamato
  • Adzlan Nazir as MechaBot
  • Fadhli Mohd Rawi as Grakakus
  • Ielham Iskandar as Pian
  • Marissa Balqis as Mara
  • Fazreen Mohd as Tok Sah
  • Hazzley Abu Bakar as Mayor Andy
  • Feroz Faizal as Pak Aman and Troket
  • Syabil Syamin as Deep
  • Anas Abdul Aziz as Aba
  • Siti Salwa Samsudin as Umi
  • Nizam Razak, Bago Go, and Bula
  • Azrul Fazlan Hamdan, as Bill
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Interesting Facts About the Mechamato Movie

Synopsis: The Story of Mechamato Movie

Here are some interesting facts about the Mechamato movie that can be used as a reason to watch it.

1. Light Stories and Full of Comedy

Mechamato Movie has a light story, you know, Moms. This film is suitable for children and families and can watched by all ages.

The storyline not complicated and is full of comedic scenes. So, your little one will be comfortable watching it and certainly entertained.

2. Slick visuals

If you look at the trailer, Mechamato Movie displays slick visuals, as you know, Moms. It’s even said to be similar to the visuals in Hollywood films.

So, that’s the synopsis as well as interesting facts from the film Mechamato Movie. Enjoy watching with your little one.