These Are Movies About Mercenaries for Action Movie Fans Movies about mercenaries. Action movie fans, of course, are always looking for shows that suit their preferences. It’s not just one film; it doesn’t even feel like watching a marathon of more than one film because when we watch it, we really enjoy it.

Especially if these films tell about a mercenary who, of course, already has great fighting skills. The actions that are displayed are certainly much more exciting and tense because they are carried out by people who are experienced in their fields.

1. The Contractor, Movies about mercenaries

The Contractor, Movies about mercenaries

This time, there is the latest action film from director Tarik Saleh, which reunites the two main players from ‘Hell or High Water, namely Chris Pine and Ben Foster. In this film, the two play former Special Forces members who turn into mercenaries after being involuntarily discharged from the Army.

Tells about the struggle of Special Forces Sergeant James Harper (Chris Pine), who was dishonorably discharged from the US military. When all funds were stopped to support his family, he was confused and felt hopeless.

Moreover, James has debt arrears, the child’s school fees, and medical expenses for himself, who injured. Having no choice, he decided to take a job as a private soldier with big pay. As agreed, Harper must carry out a heavy and secret mission.

Unfortunately, her first assignment doesn’t go as planned, and Harper finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. In order to meet his family again, Harper must survive and find a way to get out of this problem.

2. Extraction, Movies about mercenaries

Extraction, Movies about mercenaries

Can ne watched on Netflix, in outline, this film tells the story of a rescue mission for a boy from the leader of an Indian drug lord who kidnapped by rival gangsters. This film follows the story of a mercenary named Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth).

If he manages to save 14-year-old Ovi Mahajan (Rudraksh Jaiswal) from the captors of Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli), Tyler will rewarded with 10 million dollars. However, the opponent he faced was not easy. Amir is an influential gangster leader in Bangladesh who controls the area and has many troops on standby.

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The rescue mission becomes more complicated when Tyler caught and becomes involved in a fierce battle with Amir’s men. Plus, the police and all the Bangladesh state apparatus turned out to be under his control, so all of them joined in chasing Tyler and Ovi.

Unavoidable shooting action, strategy battles, speed, and accuracy in shooting enemies also presented in this film. What will happen to the two of them when Amir orders the blocking of every access in Bangladesh?

3. The Expendables Trilogy, Movies about mercenaries

The Expendables Trilogy, Movies about mercenaries

‘The Expendables’ franchise has always been the most recommended show for audiences who like the action genre. After showing ‘The Expendables 3’, now the fourth film is now being prepared to be screened this year.

In his first film, ‘The Expendables, he tells the story of a group of elite mercenaries who have to carry out a dangerous mission to bring down General Garza, who known as a dictator on Vilena Island.

starting from the mission in the first film, which then continued in the second film about a revenge mission due to the death of one of the mercenary members.

Then in the third film, it will tell the story of the old members uniting to form a group to fight one of the founders of The Expendables, who becomes an illegal and cruel arms dealer.

For the film ‘The Expendables 4, which is planned to be released this year, the synopsis has not yet been announced. However, the addition of Iko Uwais will add to the excitement and other thrilling action that will make the audience impatient to witness it.

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4. The A-Team, Movies about mercenaries

Broadly speaking, this film tells the story of four American soldiers who have just completed a special mission in Iraq, but their return home not welcomed because they have to face a court-martial due to the loss of important evidence. Six months later, the opportunity arose to clear their names.

They named John ‘Hannibal’ Smith (Liam Neeson), Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck (Bradley Cooper), B. A. ‘Bad Attitude’ Baracus (Quinton Jackson), and H. M. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock (Sharlto Copley), who are undergoing life as a soldier as usual.

One day, when a mission is given by one of their superiors, they are immediately framed for committing a crime. As a result of that incident, they must also accept the consequences of being imprisoned. However, as trained soldiers unwilling to submit to injustice, these soldiers plan to escape.

When the escape plan was successful, they chose to become mercenaries and intend to uncover the true events that resulted in their imprisonment. They also formed a group called ‘A Team’.

The plan they made turned out to be quite difficult to carry out because their enemy was also strong. However, the diverse expertise of each member makes this mission likely to be successful. Of course, this is also an opportunity for them to clear their tarnished reputation.

5. The Old Guard

This film, adapted from the comic by Greg Rucka, can be watched on the Netflix streaming service. The film tells the story of a group of secret mercenaries who turn out to have the ability to live forever. They have had a duty to protect the world for many years.

The purpose of this mercenary group’s existence is simply to protect the world. The group led by a female soldier named Andy (Charlize Theron).

However, when the identities of the immortal mercenaries are suddenly revealed, they must fight back to keep it a secret, just as an unexpected new member is discovered. However, the conflict escalates when their immortality abilities also uncovered during an emergency mission.

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Not only does it present thrilling and great fighting action, but other emotional stories also get the audience’s attention. ‘The Old Guard’ provides a perspective on whether an eternal life force exists not only as a gift of strength but as a curse from which there is no way out.

6. Take Point

Korea always provides other interesting shows that many fans love. This time there is an action film about mercenaries starring Ha Jung-woo, Wook Hyung-sun, and Robert Curtis Brown.

‘Take Point’ tells the story of a group of mercenaries who have to face danger in order to carry out a mission to kidnap the leader of North Korea. The leader of a mercenary group named Ahab (Ha Jung-woo) who previously contacted by United States intelligence, the CIA, to carry out the mission.

The CIA gave the mission to kidnap North Korean military leaders through a bunker located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This mission aims to raise the world’s attention again on the incumbent US President, McGregor (Robert Curtis Brown), whose popularity is declining in the presidential election.

Upon arrival at the bunker, Ahab immediately carried out the kidnapping action by attacking several soldiers guarding King (the nickname of the North Korean leader). When King was in his hands, unexpectedly, another mercenary attacked them.

The mercenaries also pursue King as their target and kill several of Ahab’s men in an exchange of attacks. In this situation, Ahab must find a way to complete the kidnapping mission while still protecting his men from being shot. Did it work?