Watching Order of 7 Slasher Wrong Turn Horror Movies

Wrong Turn Horror Movies – Nearly 20 years ago, in 2003, the teen slasher horror film Wrong Turn made its first major release on the big screen. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who driving in a remote area of West Virginia, take the wrong path, and chased by a group of sadistic killers in the middle of a mountain forest.

Even though Wrong Turn not as iconic a horror franchise as Friday The 13th or Scream, this franchise has loyal fans, so many sequels and prequels still being made.

The total number of these film franchises is 7 films, including 6 related films and 1 reboot film. However, these films not sequential according to their release date, because the beginning of the story actually made in the 4th film.

This franchise can be a reference for your movie marathon on weekends. So that you don’t get confused, see the following synopsis and order for watching Wrong Turn.

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1. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

Once upon a time there a group of incestuous families who practiced cannibalism who had arrested and locked up in a prison. However, they managed to escape and attack a remote sanitarium (medical laboratory) in West Virginia. As a result, the sanitarium became abandoned after the bloody tragedy.

Ten years later, a group of teenagers on vacation get caught in a snowstorm and accidentally stumble upon the sanitarium and decide to take shelter there, not knowing that a figure from the past still stalking the building.

2. Wrong Turn 5 Horror Movies: Bloodlines (2012)

Three cannibals along with a serial killer named Maynard (Doug Bradley) break out of the Sanatorium and plan a big murder in West Virginia. At the same time, 5 teenagers are planning a Halloween trip there.

On the way, the 5 people ran into Maynard, but they managed to kill him with solid and compact cooperation, without realizing that Maynard was not the only threat in the small town.

3. Wrong Turn Horror Movies (2003)

A young doctor, Chris Flynn (D Harrington), takes a shortcut over a mountain road to avoid traffic jams on a West Virginia highway. On his way, he comes across an abandoned forest area and unluckily, Chris’s car tire gets stuck with a nail there.

Luckily, Chris met 5 other people who also took the same shortcut. When the trip made again, without realizing they all stalked and targeted by a group of terrible people who intend to harm them.

4. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

A survival-themed reality show held in the woods of West Virginia. The participants in this event must survive all the wilderness traps that have prepared by the committee in the forest.

Not long into the event, the contestants realize that not only are the jungle traps facing them, but also a family of cannibals who are after them for dinner.

5. Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

Insects aren’t the only creatures that ‘bite’ in the forests of West Virginia. That’s something that a group of climbers realized too late who took the wrong hiking trail and had to deal with a group of cannibals.

On the other hand, a serial killer who escapes from a detention bus enters a restricted area of West Virginia and also has to deal with a family of cannibals who want to hunt for food.

6. Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

A young man named Danny (Anthony Ilott) receives a will stating that he is the new owner of Hobb Springs, a medieval-style hotel in West Virginia. Hobb Springs managed by Jackson (Chris Jarvis) and Sally (Sadie Katz) who turn out to Danny’s distant cousins.

As it turns out, Danny is a descendant of a cannibal family, because Jackson and Sally are relatives of a cannibal family who often kill people who enter the forest. Danny, who has already brought his girlfriend and friends to Hobb Springs, must immediately take sides, between his family and friends.

7. Wrong Turn (2021)

This film does not follow the original plot of Wrong Turn 1 to 6, although it set in West Virginia as well, but the murderous antagonist in this film is not a family of incest cannibals as before, but a group of tribes living in remote forests and isolated from modern life since the 18th century.

Tells of a group of climbers who take the wrong hiking trail, and end up in a village inhabited by a group of forest-dwelling tribes. The residents’ terror follows them, even after they return home safely.

For those of you who have never watched or are not familiar with the Wrong Turn franchise, just go for this movie marathon on your favorite website or streaming service!

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