White Chicks Review and Synopsis, The Most Absurd Comedy

Synopsis White Chicks. You must know the movie. White Chicks? Comedy film starring the Wayans Brothers, such as Marlon and Shawn Wayans. They are all comedians who have been very successful in bringing comedy to film.

Actually, White Chicks itself was released in 2004. The appearance of this film itself is so interesting that even the story ideas are fresh and even tend to be interesting for us to watch.

Are you curious about our synopsis and review? And what are the recommendations for viewing during this Eid holiday? Take a look at the following synopsis of White Chicks:

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Synopsis: White Chicks

Starting from the disguises of brothers Marcus and Kevin Copeland, it is clear that they are FBI agents investigating drug cases. To open a case of selling drugs under the guise of a shopkeeper. However, it all ended in failure due to misinformation and misunderstandings between the two people.

However, according to their boss, their disguises were lacking. Ended up having to escort twins Tiffany and Brittany Wilson. Both of them picked me up at the airport in Hampton.

The funny thing is, there was an accident, and the twins couldn’t continue their journey to Hampton. Therefore, Kevin and Mark try to be the two women.

As a result, they played Tiffany and Brittany. Until finally meeting Lattrel, played by Terry Crew, Of course, Lattrel’s figure is seduced by Tiffany’s figure.

Then he continued to chase Tiffany, who in fact was Marcus Copeland.

White Chicks Reviews

If we talk about the film’s story, it’s very light, but for those who like to watch Friday, Dance Flick, or similar films, It’s just that the White Chicks Review has power in the comedy that they built.

Starting from the figures of Marcus and Kevin, who can reply to roasting for Indonesians, but for those who know, it will be laughter, and the song Thousand Miles Vannesa Carlton makes Lattrel feel like a person in a trance.

Of course, each scene has its own meaning. Although the ending itself seems very strange. Only those who were born when this film was released might relate to their jokes.

White Chicks Movie Cast

  • Shawn Wayan as Kevin Copeland
  • Marlon Wayans as Marcus Copeland
  • Jaime King as Heather Vandergeld
  • Frankie Faison as Chief Elliott Gordon
  • Lochlyn Munro as Agent Jake Harper
  • John Heard as Warren Vandergeld
  • Busy Philipps as Karen
  • Terry Crews as Latrell Spencer
  • Brittany Daniel as Megan Vandergeld
  • Eddie Velez as Agent Vincent Gomez
  • Jessica Cauffiel as Tori
  • Maitland Ward as Brittany Wilson
  • Anne Dudek as Tiffany Wilson
  • Rochelle Aytes as Denise Porter
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Lisa
  • Faune Chambers Watkins as Gina Copeland (as Faune Chambers)
  • John Reardon as Heath
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