10 Interesting Movies About Jesus

Thelongestfilm.com – Movies About Jesus. It seems that the world and domestic film industries are not only dominated by action, horror, comedy, and romance films. The proof is that several Christian religious films, such as the film Lord Jesus, have also enlivened the ranks of the film industry.

Like the following films, which have been shown on your favorite TV and cinema screens and have received public sympathy: The reason is that there are several Christian movies about Jesus that are included in the list of nominations for best film.

1. The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection (2019)

The first film about Jesus was titled ‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection’. This film released for the first time in 2019. The film, directed by Mel Gibson, tells about the appearance of Jesus Christ after 40 days of his death on the cross. You need to know that this film is the best film in the history of world cinema about religion.

2. Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

The seventh film about Jesus called ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’. This film was first released in 2018. The content and storyline of this film depict the story of the Apostle Paul in spreading the gospel of God.

The Apostle Paul in the film is a deviant figure who often persecutes Christians. However, as time went on, the Apostle Paul changed and preached the gospel to all corners of the world.

3. JC: The Missing Years (2017)

The eighth film about Jesus entitled ‘JC: The Missing Years’. In this film, it records the life of Jesus when he was young, ranging from 12 to 300 years. This 2017 film was controversial and involved researchers to dissect the contents of the film.

4. The Gospel of Luke (2015)

The fifth film recommendation about Jesus is The Gospel of Luke’. This 2015 film is very interesting because every scene tells about the life of Jesus according to the scriptures.

5. Movies about Jesus : Killing Jesus (2015)

The sixth Jesus film entitled ‘Killing Jesus’. This 2015 film directed by Ridley Scott. The film tells the story of the important life and death of Jesus.

6. Son of God (2014)

This 2014 film is also the most successful Christian religious film. Because this film loved by many people in the United States. This Son of God film offers beautiful cinematographic pieces and serene music.

7. So Close to Jesus (2012)

This one film series made in 2012 with the title ‘So Close to Jesus’. The contents of the film tell about the important life of Jesus. The scene highlights the faces of Jesus’ mother, namely Mary Magdalene, a disciple of Jesus named Thomas, and Judas, a disciple who betrayed Jesus. The storyline of the film underlies the meaning of Jesus’ life during his life and until his death on the cross.

8. Jesus Loves Me (2012)

The fourth film about Jesus entitled ‘Jesus Loves Me’. The concept of this film is in the form of an animation that is suitable and comfortable for young children to watch. The contents of the film talk about the religious education of Christians about the figure of Jesus Christ.

9. The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003)

The last film about the Lord Jesus titled ‘The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John, which released in 2003. The film is similarly based on reading the Gospel of John. The storyline of the film features the figure of Jesus Christ, who, according to the Bible, comes to bring good news to everyone.

10.Jesus (1979)

The ninth film is about Jesus, namely, Jesus. This is an old film that made in 1979. According to information circulating, the film purely taken from Luke’s reading of the Bible.

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