10 List of High and Low The Worst Movies on Netflix with Synopsis

High and Low The Worst Movies. You must follow the sequence of the films High and Low. The worst that are broadcast on Netflix Until now, High and Low has become a popular film series that has never lost its fans. Once watched, you are guaranteed to be addicted.

This drama series from Japan is perfect as a recommendation for those of you who like action, fierce battles, and stories full of intrigue. Interested but confused about where to start?

No need to worry, because this article will contain the order of the movies High and Low, The Worst, from the beginning to the last in the series as follows:

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1. High and Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D. (2015)

1. High and Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D. (2015)

The first installment in the series is High and Low: The Story of S.W.O.R.D. Consisting of 10 episodes, here will be shown five big gangs that lead a city in Japan.

They are Sannoh Rengokai, White Rascal, Oya Koukou, Rude Boys, and Daruma Ikka. These five gangs are called S.W.O.R.D. after their abbreviation.

2. High and Low Season 2 (2016)

So, in this second series, it will tell a flashback to the past of the Mugen gang, which was once victorious. The appearance of the figures of Tatsuya and Kohaku became the start of a long story.

Over time, they became a new gang. But over time, some of the Mugen members behaved rudely and committed harassment in the name of Kohaku. Until a tragedy causes the Mugen gang to disband.

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3. Road to High and Law (2016)

3. Road to High and Law (2016)

The Road to High School and Law series tells the story of three true friends who have been together since childhood. They are Cobra, Yamato, and Noboru. This series is actually a summary of the second series that was made into a movie.

Unlike his two other friends, Noboro was a smart student, which made him get good grades, so he managed to get into his favorite university.

But suddenly tragedy befalls Noboru, causing him to fall into a coma. When Noboru returned, another incident occurred in the S.W.O.R.D. area. For Noboru’s sake, Cobra and Yamato form a new group.

4. High and Low: The Movie (2016)

This series tells the story of chaos when Lee, a mobster from South Korea, approaches Koharu, the former head of Mugen. He did this with the aim of controlling S.W.O.R.D.’s territory.

5. High and Low: The Red Rain (2016)

High and Low The Worst Movies

In High and Low this time, you will see the appearance of the Amamiya Brothers, which consists of 2 brothers, Masaki Amamiya and Hiroto Amamiya.

They are the most powerful group and also the only ones who dare to face Koharu and the rest of Mugen’s gang. The two of them try to find their first brother, who disappeared suddenly.

6. High and Low The Movie 2, End of the Sky (2017)

After losing the previous battle, this film tells what happened to the information that the Amamiya Brothers were fighting over. On the other hand, Cobra still feels that Kuryu is a threat that cannot be underestimated.

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7. High and Low: The Movie 3: Final Mission (2017)

High and Low The Worst Movies

In this series, it is said that the Kuryu Group’s power is stronger than S.W.O.R.D. This is related to the Kuryu Group’s plan to build a casino.

This is where it was revealed that, in order to cover up acts of corruption committed by the government in the past, the Kuryu Group plans to build a mega casino project. The fight continued until it became a new legend.

8. DTC Yukemuri Junjohen From High and Low (2018)

After the big battle, subsequent series highlight the stories of Dan, Tetsu, and Chiharu. They are a trio from Sannoh Rengokai.

The three try to get out of S.W.O.R.D. There will be more fun scenes here, as well as the possibility of romance that can be interwoven.

9. High and Low, The Worst (2019)

High and Low The Worst Movies

In this film, you will be introduced to the story of Yoshiki Murayama, the leader of the group at Oya Kouko, who feels bored with his flat school life without challenges.

Until Fujio Hanaoka arrives, a new student who is passionate about getting rid of Murayama’s boredom will invite him to fight.

10. 6 From High to Low: The Worst

After High and Low movies, The Worst in 2019, this series has six additional episodes that tell about the friendship of Seiji Kirihara, Fujio Hanaoka, Shinya Oochi, Masaya Oochi, Madoka Ishii, and Arata Maekawa.

Where can you see them working together to celebrate Seiji Kirihara’s birthday?

So, that was the complete order for watching High and Low on Netflix. Have you watched all the series yet?