6 Recommended Newest and Best Western Films

Thelongestfilm.com – Recommended Newest Western Films. The latest western films never run out of ways to entertain film lovers. Not only showing an interesting storyline but also cool cinematography. It really fits as an alternative to Korean dramas.

At the beginning of this year, there were lots of new western films being released. Starting from the horror, mystery, and adventure genres, even animation, they all exist. Can’t wait to watch, right?

1. Creed 3

Creed III tells the story of Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan), a boxer who has to make a difficult choice between family and career when something threatens his life.

recommended newest western films

It is told that Adonis won the fight against Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), and his career accelerated. However, Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors), Adonis’ childhood friend who is a former boxer, again challenges Adonis to compete.

Then Adonis had to fight and make difficult decisions to protect his loved ones, especially the princess. How about the continuation of this sports-themed film, huh?

2. (recommended newest western films) Blood

The film Blood was first released on March 3, 2023. Of course, this film will spoil fans of horror thriller films. As the title suggests, this film tells the story of a child who suddenly turns into a bloodthirsty creature.

recommended newest western films

The story begins when, one day, two children named Owen (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) and Tyler (Skylar Morgan Jones) go fishing at the lake they usually visit. Unfortunately, the lake has dried up, and in the middle there is a barren tree, which attracts the attention of their dog, Pipin.

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Then, Pipin ran away into the forest because he sensed strange behavior. However, one night, Pipin returned with a different appearance. Owen, who saw Pipin running back to the front of the house, was instead bitten in the neck by his dog.

Due to Pipin’s bite, Owen had to be rushed to the hospital. However, one night Owen had a seizure, and the oxygen level in his body dropped dramatically. Unexpectedly, Owen also drank the blood stored in his blood transfusion bag.

3. (recommended newest western films) Missing

This next film is perfect for thriller and adventure genre lovers. Missing (2023) tells the story of a search for someone who has disappeared without leaving a trace.

The Missing story begins when a mother named Grace (Nia Long) plans to take a week-long vacation with her new boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung).

recommended newest western films

After a week, Grace’s daughter, June (Storm Reid), went to pick up her mother and Kevin at the Los Angeles International Airport, but they never showed up.

June feels suspicious and starts trying to contact the two. However, unfortunately, there was no answer from them. Therefore, June reported the incident to the authorities, and the FBI began to investigate.

Unfortunately, even though the FBI has conducted an investigation, there has been no significant progress in finding Grace and Kevin. This makes June feel frustrated. Therefore, he decided to investigate it himself.

4. The Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise (2023) is the fifth film in the franchise, directed by Sam Raimi, and scheduled to be released in April 2023. So, what kind of story will be raised this time?

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Evil Dead Rise tells of the discovery of the Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead, which released evil demons into the world. The story follows Beth (Lily Sullivan), who visits her older sister, Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), in Los Angeles.

recommended newest western films

Ellie lives alone in an apartment with her three children. One day, Ellie’s son, Danny (Morgan Davies), finds the Necronomicon book, which brings disaster on them all.

One of them is the awakening of the evil demon that possessed Ellie. Beth also had to try to survive and get all of her family out of the apartment, including saving Ellie. Will he succeed?

5. Titanic 2023

You must be familiar with the phenomenal 1997 film Titanic, right? Who would have thought this film would be back in theaters after 25 years since it was first released?

Of course, this film by James Cameron will not come without bringing something new. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the film Titanic will be shown on the big screen in a remastered version with 3D, 4K HDR quality, and a high frame rate.


Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) is a treasure hunter who is looking for the Heart of the Oceans necklace, which is reportedly hidden behind the ruins of the giant Titanic.

Instead of a necklace, he and his team found a painting of a woman. After being searched, they found out who the woman in the painting was.

The woman is 101-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet). Rose wants to meet with Brock to tell the story of the sinking of the Titanic.

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6. (recommended newest western films)Troll

Troll is a Netflix original film that was just released on December 1, 2022. The word “troll” itself is a term for a mythological creature that is believed to live on Mount Dovre, Norway.


Meanwhile, in this film, Troll is told to wake up after a big explosion around his bed. The monster suddenly went berserk and destroyed anything it encountered.

Initially, government officials, including the Prime Minister, did not believe in the existence of this mythological creature. However, after seeing the troll’s rampage and the fact that the creature was headed for Oslo, the capital of Norway, everyone immediately panicked.