Synopsis That’s My Boy, Love Story Between Student and Teacher

Thelongestfilm – Synopsis That’s My Boy. You miss the rough, sarcastic, racist, vulgar, and silly comedy films in the style of Adam Sandler. Then his latest film, That’s My Boy (2012/US), might be able to cure your longing. I myself have not watched films starring Adam Sandler for a long time because of the many criticisms of his last film, Jack and Jill. But for some reason that day, I chose to watch this Adam Sandler film, in which he plays the role of an immoral father to his child, played by Andy Samberg.

Synopsis: That’s My Boy (2012/US)

Synopsis That's My Boy (2012/US)

This film starts with a somewhat chaotic story that could used as a joke, but on the other hand, it like a dream come true, where Donny (Justin Weaver/Adam Sandler), who still in junior high school, manages to fuck his own teacher, Mary (Eva Amurri Martino), who willing to have sex. After that incident, Mary jailed for indecent acts while carrying Donny’s child, who decades later changed his name to Todd (Andy Samberg) because he ashamed of having a father who starting to go bankrupt. A few days before Todd married his girlfriend, Jamie (Leighton Meester), Donny came and began to ‘destroy’ Todd’s life, which had built in such a way as not to be as destroyed as his father’s.

Synopsis That's My Boy (2012/US)

You could say Adam Sandler’s films are like a double-edged sword (or even a three-edged sword): sometimes they are good, sometimes they are full of insults, and sometimes they are just flat. Now in the case of That’s My Boy (2012/US), the film is between the three choices: on the one hand, it managed to make me laugh ridiculously; on the other hand, this film is running as it is, not so special except for the appearance of ridiculous cameos like Vannila Ice and a glimpse of James Caan.

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Synopsis That’s My Boy : Full of Jokes

The rest of this film relies on Adam Sandler’s crude jokes, which he utters with an accent that somehow looks like someone is being squeezed into a door. But the opening scene managed to churn my stomach; at least the sloppy appearance of Donny in junior high school played brilliantly by Justin Weaver, even though it wasn’t that long. You don’t know, but for me, Donny’s sordid chatter is really ‘classy.

Synopsis That's My Boy (2012/US)

Chad, played by an actor who is famous for the Heroes series, Milo Ventigmilia, also steals quite a bit of attention. I don’t know when was the last time I saw Milo playing in a feature film apart from Pathology and his Heroes series, which somehow became even crisper. Playing the role of Jamie’s aggressive brother, Milo, is quite a new experience, because it turns out that he is also suitable to play in stupid comedies like this. Just like Andy Samberg, who has always been known as a ‘camen’, in fact, here he plays a man who is somewhat ‘normal’, not too sloppy like Adam Sandler, who doesn’t seem to care how old he is but still likes to rock his penis. everywhere. Weird and totally fucked up.

Yes, Adam Sandler’s comedy is not a comedy film that can consumed by the general public, because some people don’t like Adam Sandler’s jokes and some do. For me, as long as the film can still make me laugh, it doesn’t matter, like this nearly 120-minute film. That’s My Boy is suitable for you Adam Sandler film lovers; apart from that, I can’t guarantee that you will like this film. Enjoy it, guys!