4 Best Movies Like Annihilation About Alien Recommendation

Movies Like Annihilation – Extraterrestrial creatures or what commonly referred to as aliens are always an interesting topic of discussion and never boring. Its existence still a mystery and is often used as a conspiracy, making many people curious about this creature.

Its existence on earth is also often a question mark, but at the same time it is interesting to dissect. In fact, Hollywood, which is the biggest production house in the world, is also paying attention to this creature. A number of film titles can used as clear evidence of their interest in the existence of these extraterrestrial creatures.

ANNIHILATION is a great choice to watch. The story of this film begins with a woman named Lena (Natalie Portman) who takes part in research at a place called The Shimmer. She deliberately went there to save her husband who was dying. However, who would have thought that the place he was going to actually harbored many mysterious creatures that were classified as aliens.

Unlike the aliens in other films, the aliens in this film tend not to have a fixed form because they are parasites that absorb the bodies of other creatures and slowly evolve. Apart from the tense story, this film also contains a number of unexpected plot twists.

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Movies Like Annihilation


Movies Like Annihilation

Not only aliens, but creatures called predators are also the main stars in this film. The story of this film begins with a group of archaeologists and scientists who go on an expedition on an island in Antarctica. However, after they arrived at the place, they found two dangerous species fighting each other.

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The film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson can said to an alternative for those of you who bored with stories that only focus on the feud between aliens and humans. Moreover, the conflict in it also made in a non-mainstream way and certainly won’t boring to watch.


Movies Like Annihilation

This film by director Steven Spielberg can said to one of the best alien films of all time. WAR OF THE WORLDS itself tells the story of an alien invasion that rises from the bowels of the earth after they have been asleep for a long time.

In the midst of the invasion, there was a family consisting of a father and his two children. Their journey to save themselves from the pursuit of aliens is full of obstacles and life-threatening. They also have to survive with minimal equipment and food.

This film, which also stars Tom Cruise, will definitely make you tense and curious. Are you ready to watch this film?

3. Movies Like Annihilation: EDGE OF TOMORROW (2014)

Movies Like Annihilation

This film is no less tense than other alien films. EDGE OF TOMORROW tells the story of two soldiers who carry out the task of protecting the earth from invasion by extraterrestrial creatures. In the process of completing the mission, they discovered a paradoxical loophole that would bring them back to life if they died at any time.

Filled with epic battle action and a story full of mystery, this film can be the right choice for adrenaline film lovers. Apart from that, this film also played by the famous action actor, Tom Cruise.

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Movies Like Annihilation

In order to find the paradise they hoped for, a group of humans who participated as an expedition team were willing to explore the entire infinite galaxy. Using a ship called the Covenant, they finally set foot on an alien planet at the end of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get heaven, but they found a scary place that they shouldn’t have found. Apart from that, they are not aware that there is a terrible creature hidden in this place which will endanger everyone’s lives.

This sci-fi film is one of the most tense alien films. With an intense thriller feel, this film is ready to shock and make you excited. Are you ready to watch it?