Synopsis of Blood Diamond, War for Diamonds

Synopsis of Blood Diamond – Diamonds known as one of the precious stones that is expensive and liked by many people. But who would have thought that history would ever record a major war over diamonds? You can watch the story of a bloody conflict over diamonds in the film Blood Diamond. Here’s the review and synopsis!

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Synopsis of Blood Diamond

This 143 minute film set in 1999 in Sierra Leone, a conflict area in Africa that has rich diamond resources. These natural resources sparked conflict between the government and rebels who called themselves the Revolutionary United Front or RUF.

The story begins when a fisherman named Solomon Vandy sees his village being attacked by the RUF. He separated from his wife and children and taken to work in diamond mines for the RUF. Her first child, Dia, was taken by the RUF and brainwashed to become a child soldier whose job to kill the RUF’s enemies. In the diamond mine, Solomon found a pink diamond which was quite expensive. He tried to hide the diamond by burying it. At the same time, government troops stormed the mine and they were all taken to prison.

Meanwhile, Danny Archer is a mercenary who secretly sells weapons to the RUF in exchange for diamonds. He works for a mercenary named Colonel Coetzee who sends diamonds to a businessman named Van De Kaap. His illegal actions then got him caught by government soldiers and landed him in prison.

Synopsis of Blood Diamond

Danny intends to take advantage of Solomon

In prison, Danny heard rumors about the diamonds found by Solomon. He also arranged for him and Solomon to be free. Danny intends to use Solomon to get the diamond to take him out of Africa. He promised Solomon that he could return his family in exchange for the diamonds.

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The two of them were then helped by Maddy Bowen, a journalist who wanted to report the facts about illegally imported diamonds from Sierra Leone obtained from the bloodshed of its citizens. Maddy wants to help Danny get to the diamond place on the condition that Danny tells him everything about the diamond conflict that occurred in Sierra Leone.

Gradually, Danny told about the illegal diamond import process that had been happening in Sierra Leone. Maddy, through her connections as a journalist, then managed to take Danny and Solomon to Kono to find the diamond that Solomon had buried. They also had to overcome many obstacles on their journey.

Synopsis of Blood Diamond

Synopsis of Blood Diamond: Danny and Maddy begin to fall in love

As the journey progresses, their relationship becomes closer. Danny and Maddy begin to fall in love. And Danny, who initially only intended to take advantage of Solomon, now becomes more concerned. Danny and Solomon, who used to be selfish with each other, are now starting to help each other as friends. At the army camp, Danny and Solomon finally part ways with Maddy.

Maddy followed the army’s advice to evacuate everyone because the situation was getting dangerous. Meanwhile, Danny and Solomon escape from the camp and continue their journey. They then find a RUF camp and see Dia who has joined the group. When Solomon picked him up, he didn’t seem to know Solomon.

Danny then called the army led by Colonel Coetzee and had the camp heavily attacked. Danny and Solomon managed to save Dia. They ran again, but Colonel Coetzee, who began to suspect Danny, chased and managed to catch them. With Coetzee’s gun pointed at him, Solomon began digging where he had buried the diamonds.

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Synopsis of Blood Diamond

Danny and Solomon managed to trick Coetzee

When the diamond found, Danny and Solomon manage to trick Coetzee. They killed Coetzee and tried to escape, but Danny injured because he was shot by Coetzee. After almost reaching the helicopter that picked them up, Danny gave up. He told Solomon and Dia to get on the helicopter.

Before dying, Danny calls Maddy to help Solomon. With Maddy’s help, Solomon exchanges the diamonds for money from Van De Kaap and asks to reunited with his family. The family reunited. Meanwhile, Maddy secretly collects evidence regarding illegal diamond buying and selling transactions carried out by Van De Kaap.

The news that Maddy wrote managed to become a national issue. The governments of developed countries are starting to discuss the issue of diamonds which is triggering conflicts in Africa. People are becoming concerned about this. Solomon is also often invited to be a speaker to discuss peace issues.