6 Best Films like Batman the Dark Knight You Must Watch

Films like Batman the Dark Knight – In the sequel to Batman Begins (2005), Batman collaborates with Lieutenant Jim Gordon and district attorney Harvey Dent to dismantle several criminal organizations that still exist on the streets of Gotham City. When it starts to feel effective, they faced with the presence of the Joker who causing chaos on the streets and hunting Batman.

To this day, The Dark Knight still considered the best Batman film and one of the best superhero films too. The dark atmosphere, good character development, complex storyline, and spectacular action scenes make this film hard to forget. Being nominated in 6 categories and two Oscar wins is enough to prove the quality of this film. Some of the films below also have main characters who are similar to Batman, both in the dark nuances of the films and in their gloomy psychology. Just browse the list of films below, okay?

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Films like Batman the Dark Knight

1. Watchmen (2009)

Films like Batman the Dark Knight

The story in this film takes place in an alternative world at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, a group of former superheroes investigates a murder case that happened to their colleague which leads them to a deadly conspiracy and a mystery that they only just found out about. Many people consider that the Watchmen comic cannot translated into film because of its complicated and unusual storyline.

However, Zack Snyder managed to do it quite well, although it is still far from perfect, by showing the dark nuances of the stories and lives of superheroes, one of whom turns out to have a cruel plan to achieve peace.

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2. The Crow (1994)

Films like Batman the Dark Knight

A year after his death, Eric Draven rose from his grave to demand revenge against the T-Bird group responsible for the murder of him and his fiancé. Assisted by a crow, Eric tracked down the whereabouts of the T-Bird members, whom Eric met one by one and killed him. The dark nuance in this film does not only come from the storyline and cinematography, but also because of the shooting property accident that killed Brandon Lee.

Eric Draven’s aura of revenge in this film considered one of the best among many other revenge-themed films.

3. Pitch Black (2000)

Films like Batman the Dark Knight

A plane carrying dangerous prisoners crashes on a barren planet inhabited by vicious and terrifying creatures that attack in the dark of night. When they realize that there will a long-lasting eclipse that will make the planet dark, they are forced to ask for help from Riddick, the dangerous prisoner, to survive and get off the planet.

The premise of this film tends to formulaic, about being trapped on a planet inhabited by terrible creatures, how they try to survive, find a way to get out safely, and the conflict that occurs between them, all in this film.

One thing that is different is Vin Diesel’s acting performance as Riddick, who is cold in attitude but agile in action.

4. Constantine (2005)

Films like Batman the Dark Knight

John Constantine helps Angela prove her twin sister’s death was not a suicide. After investigation, it turned out that Isabel’s death related to the satanic power of Mammon, the son of Lucifer, who released from hell and entered the earth to wreak havoc in it. The disclosure of the mystery even revealed many cunning conspiracies from one sacred figure.

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With the darkness of the mystery that Constantine was about to uncover, there were many clues and puzzles that he had to solve before he finally reached a conclusion and had to face this demonic force. The horrific depiction of hell and the tense presence of Lucifer are the darkest elements in this film.

5. Blade II (2002)

Blade II (2002)

In the hands of Guillermo del Toro, Blade’s action in this second film appears more powerful, stylish, and of course has a dark nuance. It said that Blade collaborated with an elite team called Bloodpack to hunt down the spread of the virus that caused vampires to turn into reapers. Uniquely, this Bloodpack formed to hunt down Blade who considered a traitor among vampires.

Indeed, the storyline is formulaic and there is a lack of character development, but the dynamic action scenes make this film have advantages compared to other Blade films. Showing a war between vampires, of course the dark nuances of night dominate every scene.

6. Darkman (1990)

Darkman (1990)

Scientist Peyton Westlake is brutally attacked and left for dead by ruthless criminal Robert Durant because his girlfriend, Julie Hastings, finds evidence of bribery by businessman Louis Strack. After treatment to heal her burns fails, Peyton begins to develop superhuman abilities and seeks revenge.

This superhero created by Sam Raimi was to prove himself after failing to get The Shadow and Batman projects so he created his own superhero character. Raimi develops Darkman’s dark psychological side well, from an honest and sympathetic person, to a figure full of anger and revenge, and ending with self-loathing.