8 Best Disney Princess Films like Tangled

Films like Tangled – Tangled is a Disney film adaptation of the fairy tale Rapunzel. This film has stunning visuals because it has been in development by Disney for six years.

In this film, Rapunzel has been locked in a tower since she was little. It is believed that his long blonde hair can make anyone stay young. The evil Gothel uses this power to make her eternally young. At 18, Rapunzel becomes curious about the outside world, and when a prince uses her tower as a sanctuary, she asks him to help her escape.

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Films like Tangled

1. Moana

Films like Tangled

Moana’s adventure is too good to miss. This film succeeds in depicting Pacific Island culture with very impressive music. Moana, a princess from an island in the Ancient Pacific has a desire to explore the sea. During his journey, he meets Maui, fights various monsters, and learns the true power of persistence and following your heart.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Films like Tangled

Beauty and The Beast is the best Disney Princess film to date. One of the best Disney films even received a score of 8.0 on IMDb. Beauty and the Beast tells the life of Belle, who finds a deserted castle while searching for her father. Unexpectedly, he meets a collection of household items that can talk. In the castle, there is a prince who is cursed to live as a furry beast. To get rid of his curse, Beast must find true love.

3. Aladdin

Films like Tangled

The story of Aladdin has always attracted attention since its release in 1992. With modifications to the Arabic folk tale a thousand and one nights, this film tells the story of Aladdin’s life, whose life is full of poverty. After meeting Princess Jasmine, he falls in love, but he realizes he can’t have her. Then, Aladdin finds a magic lamp containing a genie. The genie can grant three wishes to anyone who brings it out.

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4. Little Mermaid

Films like Tangled

The Little Mermaid is a Disney princess story based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale. Unlike Frozen, The Little Mermaid stars Disney’s first non-human princess, namely Ariel, the youngest mermaid of King Triton and Queen Athena, rulers of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica. Like other young people, Ariel really wants life in the world above her. She even fell in love with a human, namely Prince Eric.

5. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first Disney Princess film released in 1937. The film was the beginning of the development of Disney films as a whole. This film tells the story of Snow White who was exiled to the forest by her evil stepmother. There, he befriended seven very kind-hearted dwarves. However, their protection was only temporary because her stepmother poisoned Snow White. The antidote to this curse is only the kiss of true love.

6. Films like Tangled: Frozen


Who doesn’t know the film Frozen? This film is one of the favorite Disney Princess films to date. This film tells the story of a kingdom trapped in eternal winter. Fearless Anna joins Kristoff to find Elsa and break her ice spell.

7. Raya and The Last Dragon

Raya and The Last Dragon

Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in peace. However, then evil monsters known as Druun came to threaten the world. After 500 years later, the same monsters have returned. In this case, Raya tracks down the last dragon to stop the Druun once and for all.

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8. Cinderella


The story of Cinderella has been adapted many times. However, the best Cinderella adaptation is the 1950 film Cinderella. Based on Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, this film succeeded in supporting Disney, which was struggling financially during World War II. This film tells the story of Cinderella’s cruel stepmother forbidding her from attending the royal party. Because mother was gone, Cinderella was able to come to the party and amazed everyone there.