6 Films Zombie Similar to Resident Evil Recommendation

Films Similar to Resident Evil – Zombie-themed films can really boost your adrenaline when watching them. Moreover, if the zombies told that they intend to eat humans and make ordinary people turn into zombies, you will definitely feel as tense as in the film. Only the best zombie films are able to provide interesting stories and tense action throughout the film.

There are quite a few zombie films that have appeared on the big screen. But are these films on the list of the best zombie films? It is not an exaggeration if we give the title Resident Evil as the best and also phenomenal zombie film. This film released with several sequels but still achieved extraordinary success.

Resident Evil tells the story of a woman named Alice who faces zombies to survive or protect other people. The T virus produced by the Umbrella Corps. being the culprit in turning humans and animals into zombies. Resident Evil one of the most successful zombie films adapted from the video game of the same title by Capcom.

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Films Similar to Resident Evil

1. Train to Busan

The first best zombie film that we will discuss does not come from America or Europe, but from South Korea. The film Train to Busan, directed by Yeon Sang-Ho and the scriptwriter accompanied by Park Joo-Suk, managed to break the record as the first film to reach 10 million viewers in South Korea in 2016.

This film tells the story of a city in South Korea which surprisingly attacked by a group of zombies. The South Korean government immediately closed the city to prevent the virus from spreading to other cities.

Train to Busan centers on a father and his daughter who trapped on a train filled with zombies. The actions they take to survive guaranteed to make your adrenaline peak.

2. World War Z

The next best zombie film is World War Z. This film released in 20013, and the film starring Brad Pitt is also an adaptation of the book with the same title by Max Brooks.

Brad Pitt plays a former UN officer named Gerry Lane who has the task of finding and stopping the zombie outbreak. This mysterious virus has transformed intelligent humans into violent, cruel and inhumane creatures in just 12 seconds. The tense scenes and chaos of the zombies well presented in the zombie film World War Z.

3. I Am a Hero

If previously we discussed the best zombie films from South Korea, this time we turn to Japan. I Am a Hero is one of the best zombie films that you shouldn’t miss. This film released in 2016, and was directed by Shinsuke Sato, and stars Kasumi Arimura, Masami Nagasawa, and Yo Oizumi.

I Am a Hero focuses on the character Hideo Suzuki, a manga writer who is down on his luck. When a mysterious virus begins to spread, he tries to protect others, in this chaotic situation, for the first time he feels like a hero in his life.

4. Shaun of the Dead

This best zombie film is very unique. Why? Because even though it has a zombie theme, the film Shaun of the Dead, which released in 2004, is full of very strong comedy elements.

Just like other zombie films, this film also tells how a man named Shaun must survive and save his mother and girlfriend from a zombie attack. However, the difference is that director Edgar White’s ridiculous and tense behavior was successfully portrayed in this film starring Simon Pegg.

5. I Am Legend

I Am Legend is one of the best zombie films starring the famous Hollywood actor, Will Smith. Will Smith is the only survivor with his loyal dog. Uniquely, the zombies in this film are depicted as only coming out at night, because the zombies are afraid of sunlight.

The main character named Robert Neville spends his days looking for food and other necessities and trying to find a vaccine that can fight this terrible virus and continue human existence on earth.

6. 28 Days Later

The next best zombie film is entitled 28 Days Later. This film is one of the most successful works of the director, namely Danny Boyle. This film depicts the story of Jim, a courier who finds solitude in London. Jim then finds out why the city is so quiet, then meets several human survivors. It turns out, almost all of London has been infected by a virus. This virus is not an ordinary virus, but a rabies virus that makes the human brain control hunger. The figure infected with this virus then becomes brutal and preys on other humans.

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