7 Korean Films about Psychopaths and Serial Killers

Thelongestfilm – Korean films not only known for their drama and romance series. But the country with the nickname Ginseng Country also has many films in the thriller genre about the life of a psychopath. Psychopathic films themselves generally tell stories of sadistic or serial murders committed by someone.

Korean films about psychopaths always have their own charm for the audience. This film is usually full of sadistic scenes and actions committed by killers. Apart from that, psychopathic films always leave riddles that often make the audience think and wonder.

Korean Movies About Psychopaths

On the other hand, this Korean film about psychopaths and serial killers will also focus on the very complicated and confusing mindset of the killers. If you are curious about Korean films about psychopaths, then you can watch some of the following recommendations:

1. Blind (2022)

The first Korean film about psychopaths was Blind, which premiered last year. This film tells the story of a student who disappears after being the victim of a hit-and-run. Upon returning, the student meets a detective named Jo, who investigates the hit-and-run case she experienced. After finding a lot of evidence, the two of them concluded that the perpetrator of the incident was a taxi driver who turned out to be a psychopath. The two of them involved in a dangerous mission.

2. Midnight (2021)

Midnight tells the story of a deaf girl named Kyung Mi. One day, Kyung Mi, who lives with her mother, sees Do Shik about to kill someone. Do Shik, who feels that his identity has been exposed, becomes angry and chases Kyung Mi. Not only that, but Do Shik even made Kyung Mi his next assassination target.

3. No Mercy (2019)

No Mercy is the next Korean film about psychopaths. This film tells the story of a woman named In Ae who has the ambition to take revenge for what happened to her sister. The younger sister of In Ae’s woman, named Eun Hye, is described as a person who has a psychiatric disorder and often displays bad behavior. So the older brother finally decided to hurt the people who had bothered his younger brother.

4. Dark Figure of Crime (2018)

Dark Figure of Crime a Korean film inspired by a South Korean investigation television program entitled Unanswered. This film picks up the story of the 869th episode about the true story of a murder that never reported. In fact, the victim of the murder never found, and the investigation never carried out by the authorities. It is told that one day a detective named Kim Hyung Min met an informant who brought a murder case to an unidentified victim.

5. VIP (2017)

The next Korean film about psychopaths is a film called VIP, which aired in 2017. This film tells the story of a man named Kim Gwang II who is involved with a serial killer. In fact, he also did not hesitate to torture teenage girls and then kill them. Unfortunately, he is the son of a general in South Korea. Thus, he gets protection for the power that his father has.

6. Children (2011)

Film Children is a Korean film about psychopaths that is also based on a true story. This film tells about the disappearance of five children around Mount Waryong. After dozens of years have passed, bones with the missing child’s identity are found. Finally, the detectives tried to reopen the case. They finally found irregularities when a mysterious young man went to the mountains with the five missing children.

7. Memories of Murder (2003)

The Korean film about psychopaths, hereinafter entitled Memories of Murder, was first aired in 2003. This film is based on a true story about an unsolved serial killer. Three detectives had a hard time because there were only a few clues found. They only know that the psychopath will carry out his mission when it rains and when the victim wears red clothes. In addition, he will also perform stunts when certain songs are played on the radio.

Those are Korean films about psychopaths and serial killers that you can watch in your free time. I hope it is useful.

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