6 Kareena Kapoor’s Best Films You Must Watch

Kareena Kapoor‘s Best Films – Apart from Western films and Korean films, Indian films also have a special place in various circles. Even connoisseurs of Indian films have succeeded in embracing a market that Western and Korean films may not have touched.

Especially the market for ladies and gentlemen who rarely go to the cinema or don’t understand how to watch streaming movies. As for actors, the top of mind for Indonesians is most likely Shah Rukh Khan.

How about an actress? Most likely people will answer Kareena Kapoor. Apart from the fact that several of his films are selling well here, the name also sounds familiar. Want to know what Kareena Kapoor’s films are? Here are the best films from Kareena Kapoor that you must watch!

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1. 3 idiots [2009]

If you haven’t seen this film, you should take the time to watch it. Believe me, the stories presented are very close to us. Tells the story of 3 students namely, Rancho, Raju, and Farhan. They study at the same campus but bring different problems. Kareena plays Pia, the female character between them.

Raju has self confidence issues. He was afraid a lot so he wore a lot of amulets. Meanwhile, Farhan is afraid to be honest with his parents if he doesn’t really want to go to college there. Rancho? We will find out the problem at the end of the film. The relationship between Rancho and Pia is enough to sweeten this film.

2. Ra.One [2011]

This film will provide something different from usual because it contains elements of fantasy and is combined with technology. Never watched a superhero movie from India? Try watching this film. This film tells the story of Shekhar, a game programmer. Shekhar was criticized by his boss after a commercial failure.

His boss gave him one last chance and asked him to make a good game. Sonia, Shekhar’s wife played by Kareena asks Shekhar to listen to their son Prateek’s advice. Prateek wants the antagonist to be stronger than the protagonist. Then, a strange incident causes these characters to appear in the real world.

3. Kareena Kapoor’s Best Films: Heroines [2012]

From the title, perhaps we can already guess that this film is a rather dark film. Yes, guess that’s not wrong. This time, Kareena plays the character Mahee. He is a star who is at the peak of his career. Does he have works that he likes, lots of fans, wealth? Of course it flows.

Actually, Mahee was a doubtful figure. Behind his success he is a person filled with doubt and loneliness. For him, love is the true source of happiness. Without realizing it, the search for love risks his life and career. Will Mahee be able to save herself and keep what she already has?

4. Ki and Ka [2016]

What happens if a man wants to be a man at home and a woman wants to be a successful career? The two characters both want a role that is not common in the eyes of society.

That is what Ka and Ki, played by Kareena, are currently living. Ki is indeed an ambitious and tough woman. Ka is the son of a successful businessman who has no interest in the business world, let alone inheriting his father’s company.

Instead, he wants to be a man at home because he sees his mother who is happy in her role as a housewife. Ka and Ki met on a flight and immediately hit it off. The question is, how long can they survive?

5. Veere At Wedding [2018]

This film tells the story of four women who have been friends since they were little. They are Avni, Meera, Sakshi and Kalindi played by Kareena. In the process of their growing up, they had separated. After 10 years, they finally meet again.

At that meeting, they realized that they had changed a lot from how they used to be. There are trials that must be faced, the demands of the modern world which are daily food, to marriage and social perception. They have to go through everything, whether they like it or not. Need a light but deep spectacle? Yes, this film is the answer.

6. Bodyguard [2011]

The story begins when a kidnapping occurs in the area where Sartaj Rana lives. The victims were young girls who would later be sold into prostitution. Rana, who is known to be rich and likes to help, asked his men to find someone who could solve this problem, and Singh was chosen.

Singh managed to free the girls to be sent to Thailand. Due to his good work, Singh is entrusted with being the bodyguard for Rana’s daughter, Divya, played by Kareena. Although at first Divya feels uncomfortable because Singh is always around her, over time their relationship changes. Where will their relationship go next?

The Kareena Kapoor films reviewed above are films that can be said to be quite liked by Indonesians. If you’ve never watched it, the films above might provide a new experience for you.

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