7 Dancing Movies on Netflix, Full of Life Competition

Dancing Movies on Netflix – Being a dancer is not an easy job. There are many factors that determine whether someone becomes a dancer, from their own will to the demands of circumstances.

There are many dancers who have to start their careers in the harsh street life. They dance from place to place for a fee that is enough to support their daily lives.

That kind of thing is presented in Netflix films about the lives of dancers. There are many ways that they live with the various complexities of life.

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1. Dancing on Glass (2022)

Dancing on Glass is a Netflix film about the life of a solitary dancer whose life is wasted. The film begins when a star at the Spanish National Dance Company dies tragically by suicide.

Because of this, Irene (Maria Pedraza) was asked to replace the star in the company’s biggest ballet production, Giselle. Since then, many dancers have envied Irene because she can replace this central role.

Although Irene was happy with her new role, at the same time she felt great pressure because many dancers threatened her. In the midst of this situation, he meets another dancer named Aurora who is experiencing similar life problems. Aurora, who is a solitary dancer, feels tormented because her life is controlled by her mother.

2. Dancing Movies on Netflix: Time to Dance (2021)

Time to Dance is a Netflix film about the life of dancer Isha (Isabelle Kaif), who is chosen to be the partner of William (Sammy Jonas), a professional dancer who always wins in dance competitions. Even so, Isha’s presence in the competition was not approved by Lady Harriet Cottenham (Natasha Powell). Even when Isha was injured, this woman had no sympathy at all but sneered at him and thought he was careless.

When Isha is injured, William returns with his old partner to become a dancer. This then makes Isha invite Rishabh (Sooraj Pancholi) to come and ask him to be a partner for dancing. Since then, a dance competition has occurred within this group.

3. Feel the Beat (2020)

Feel the Beat is a Netflix film about the life of dancer April Dibrina, who makes her fortune on Broadway. He had stolen a taxi from an old woman during a rainstorm to audition for a dance. She managed to perform well, although then-shaman Ruth Zimmer met with potential dancers.

When he recognizes April from the taxi incident, he swears that no one on Broadway will hire her. While trying to explain, April accidentally knocks Ruth off the stage and causes a serious injury. This was posted on social media, publicly humiliated April, and got her kicked out of the apartment. April returns to her hometown in Wisconsin and rebuilds a dance studio there.

4. Dancing Movies on Netflix: Work It (2020)

Work It is a Netflix film about the life of a school dancer when Quinn Ackerman is in his final year of high school. He dreams of being accepted at Duke University. He dreamed of going to college there because his father, who died when he was 12, was a graduate of Duke University. In order to be accepted, Quinn works hard to have a perfect resume.

However, Quinn later becomes angry when the admissions counselor, Veronica Ramirez, tells him that his application is too similar to other applicants. Even so, Quinn tries to convince him that he also has the ability to dance, which will appear at the Work It festival a few days later. Veronica Ramirez was invited to see firsthand the abilities of the prospective new students.

5. Hustlers (2020)

Hustlers is a Netflix film about the lives of dancers, written by Elizabeth, a journalist. Elizabeth wrote a story about Dorothy, known as Destiny, a former New York City-based stripper, and Destiny’s friend and mentor, Ramona Vega. This film tells the story of Destiny working at Moves, a strip club, to support her grandmother.

Fascinated by Ramona’s appearance and the money it makes, Destiny strikes up a conversation. Ramona agrees to take Destiny on as a member, and the two form a formidable team. Destiny enjoys newfound wealth and a deep friendship with Ramona. A year later, the 2007-2008 financial crisis hit, and the two women lost their jobs and lost touch. During this period, Destiny became a single parent who struggled to find work.

6. Dancing Movies on Netflix: Battle (2018)

Battle is a Netflix film about the lives of dancers that tells the story of Amelie (Lisa Teige), a young dancer who struggles after her mother leaves and her father goes bankrupt. In the midst of his life’s difficulties, he always tries to feel happy.

Amelie secretly teaches dance to children to save money for her needs. Until one day, he met Michael (Fabian Svegaard Tapia), a street hip-hop dancer, and his life became more complex when he met his old friend.

7. Burlesque (2010).

Burlesque is a Netflix film about the life of a young dancer who ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer. This film tells the story of Ali Rose (Christina Aguilera), who has just moved to Los Angeles.

In the city, he tries to audition to get a decent job. However, none of his efforts bore fruit. Until one day, Ali heard music from a burlesque club. At the club, he meets Tess (Cher), who turns out to be good at dancing. Since then, Ali has decided to become a dancer and singer.

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