Movies Like Juno Recommendation About Teenagers Growing Up

Movies Like Juno – An old film from 2007. For the generation that was growing up at that time, this film has its own power. However, nowadays, this film is still relevant to watch. A film that teaches us all to accept consequences. The theme and plot itself are actually cliche. Can live freely and away from parental supervision.

However, whoever freely determines their path in life must be prepared to accept the consequences. Without the need for capers and playing victims, the character Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page), must struggle with the consequences of her choices. Juno’s maturity process is tested and becomes an important lesson in life.

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Movies Like Juno

1. Silver Spoons

Not all of them are from Hollyoowd, these films from Japan are also suitable for you to watch when you are growing up. Tells the story of an SM kid who comes from riches, his life is comfortable and just by lying down he can get what he wants. Their circle of friends is just that.

However, when faced with a moment where they are required to go to a village for school practice, these spoiled children who like to be alone and have the same circle of friends have to face something surprising.

Maybe they are shocked because there is another life that they have never seen. This film, which is very synonymous with family stories, but at the same time teaches maturity, comes from a different perspective. In the end, these rich people’s children realized that they couldn’t live their lives on their own terms.

2. Submarines

This film is more of a romantic comedy. Tells the story of a 15 year old young man who has many problems in his own life. This chaos continues when he likes a woman. Like tit for tat, it turns out he is getting closer to the woman. It turns out that the woman was actually playing with this man. From here you will see how the young man has to deal with huge consequences in his life.

Even though he knows he still has a long way to go in life, the young man has learned one thing to know when life is playing tricks on him.

3. Movies Like Juno: The Boyhood

One of the best adult films that can be said to completely describe the process of a person’s life. This film tells how a boy named Marson Evans lived his life full of twists and turns. Starting from childhood until he grows into an adult.

The environment greatly influences his way of thinking, and the most important thing is because of his family. These changes ultimately influenced Marson’s life path, from childhood to adulthood. What’s even more exciting is that the process of making this film actually follows stage by stage the life of the boy’s character. Starting from childhood to adulthood. A unique process and a neat combination of stories. The film was right to get an Oscar nomination in its time.

4. The Perk Of Being A Wallflower

The high school years are a time that has many points of view. A film that shows the main point in the main character named Charlie. For years he was harassed and became a victim of persecution. He kept everything to himself, until finally he met friends who wanted to invite him to open up about his dark past. The goal is a healing process and to look forward and not backward. .

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