Synopsis of the film MILE 22, Action Full of Tension

The film, directed by Peter Berg, features various action battle scenes. MILE 22 tells the story of Overwatch, who must lead an informant 22 miles to obtain vital classified information.

This film, starring Mark Wahlberg as Overwatch’s leader and Iko Uwais as an informant, depicts stunning actions in avoiding various threats in order to reach the destination.

synopsis film mile 22

Apart from presenting an interesting variety of tension and action, MILE 22 also presents various dramatic surprise scenes that are unexpected until the end of the story. Curious about the full story? Come on, check out the synopsis and cast of film MILE 22 below!

Synopsis of the film MILE 22

Tells about a group of secret agents from Uncle Sam’s country led by James Silva named Overwatch. Overwatch is tasked with finding and destroying a dangerous chemical, namely cesium, which is in the safe house of the Russian Federal Agency in the United States. However, the mission failed because some of the cesium managed to escape.

synopsis film mile 22

Dozens of years later, a policeman from Indocarr, Li Noor, came to the United States Embassy to ask for protection because he was threatened with death for being considered a traitor. Overwatch is then tasked with bringing in Li Noor, who claims to know a secret about the hiding of the remaining cesium material. James and his friends escorted and protected Li Norr for 22 miles to the airport. However, during the journey, there are many challenges and enemies that get in the way.

Cast of the film “Mile 22′

synopsis film mile 22

The following is a list of the cast of the MILE 22 film:

  1. Mark Wahlberg as James Silva
    James is an experienced and well-trained intelligence agent. He leads a team assigned to transport a foreign secret agent from a dangerous location onto a plane for transfer to the United States.
  2. Iko Uwais as Li Noor
    Li Noor is an Indo-Carribean police officer who is an important source of information for American agents. He heavily guarded by James Silva’s team due to various life-threatening threats.
  3. Lauren Cohan as Alice Kerr
    An agent from the state of California who is a member of James Silva’s team and is highly skilled in the use of weapons and combat tactics.
  4. Ronda Rousey as Sam Snow
    Sam Snow is a professional wrestling athlete and also a former UFC champion. On James Silva’s team, he became a reconnaissance and close combat specialist.
  5. John Malkovich as Bishop
    a veteran intelligence agent who is in the operations command center.
  6. Carlo Alban as William Douglas III
    is a computer technician in the operations command center who monitors the movements of James Silva’s team during their mission.
  7. Natasha Goubskaya as Vera
    Russian secret agent, who is the main target of James Silva’s team.