8 Best Movies Like Wrong Turn Recommendation

Movies Like Wrong Turn – Slasher or slasher genre films often feature psychopathic killers who hunt and kill their victims using brutal methods. In some cinemas that carry this subgenre of horror, the main character is said to be safe. They escape the killer’s pursuit, but are usually not truly ‘in one piece’. Many characters in these films survive covered in wounds, covered in blood, with incomplete limbs, or experiencing psychological attacks.

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Movies Like Wrong Turn

1. Halloween


In the Halloween film released in 2018, Laurie’s character spent decades training to finish what she started in Haddonfield, 40 years earlier. Laurie appears physically fine, but develops an unhealthy obsession with being away from her family.

2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sally Hardesty was not killed and escaped from Leatherface at the end of the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but her condition was very traumatic. After being beaten, battered, and covered in bruises, Sally laughed hysterically uncontrollably.

3. Friday the 13th Part IV

Friday the 13th Part IV

In this film, the villain Jason is finally killed by a 12 year old boy named Tommy Jarvis. Despite surviving Jason, Tommy ultimately experienced a mental breakdown and almost became the next “Jason”. He is also obsessed with his former attacker.

4. You’re Next

You're Next

This film, which premiered in 2011, tells of a series of murders in a family because of an inheritance. Not suspected of being the murderer, one of the family members brought his girlfriend when the incident occurred. The woman was the one who ultimately survived even though she was bleeding.

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5. Child’s Play

Movies Like Wrong Turn

Since the age of six, Andy Barclay’s character has always been terrorized by the Charles Lee Ray doll who wants to kill him. A near-death experience with the toy cost Andy his childhood. He also feels like he will forever be chased by Chucky.

6. Scream

Movies Like Wrong Turn

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a recurring theme in several of the Scream film sequels. Sidney Prescott’s character, who survived, became too paranoid and had difficulty trusting other people, even his own lover. He then went into isolation to feel safe.

7. The Strangers

Movies Like Wrong Turn

Kristen and James are trapped together in a house in the woods after their relationship ends. Conditions worsened with the presence of three criminals who attacked and tortured them. In the morning, James was found dead, but it turned out that Kristen was still alive and breathing.

8. The Strangers: Prey At Night

Movies Like Wrong Turn

Teenage siblings Luke and Kinsey succeed in killing the masked maniac who killed their parents, but both are seriously injured physically and emotionally. Luke survives in a hospital bed and Kinsey freaks out at the mere knock on the door.