6 Best Movies Like Flipped Recommendation to Watch !

Movies Like Flipped – Romantic youth film adapted from the novel of the same name. Watching this film will make you feel excited, especially seeing the two main characters in this film. The two figures in question are Juli and Bryce.

These two figures are the complete opposite of each other. Juli really loves Byce, even from the first time they met. On the other hand, Bryce really hates Juli and hopes to never meet Juli forever. So, how does the story of the two continue? If you’re curious, please watch the film straight away, OK!

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Movies Like Flipped

1. Midnight Sun (2018)

 Midnight Sun (2018)

Adapted from the Japanese film of the same name, this film tells the story of the romance of a teenage couple named Katie and Charlie. In this film, Katie, whose full name is Katie Price, is said to be suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosium.

This disease means that Katie cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. This also means that she can only see the man she loves (Charlie) behind the window of her house. Scoyy Speer’s film presents a romantic story that is both sweet and melancholic.

2. Standing Up (2013)

Standing Up (2013)

Standing Up is a film that doesn’t just present a romantic story as a teenager. This film also tells the story of how dangerous bullying is, and how to deal with it. Very relevant to the current condition of teenagers who are vulnerable to bullying.

Standing Up itself tells the story of a pair of teenagers who are ostracized and become victims of bullying from their camping group. Instead of returning to their group, the two decided to run away from the camping group. During their escape, the two of them got to know each other, and slowly the bond between them grew closer.

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3. Paper Towns (2015)

Movies Like Flipped

Paper Towns is a film that combines elements of drama, romance and mystery in one package. This 109 minute film tells the story of a teenage couple named Margo and Quentin. The two of them are a pair of friends whose houses are close to each other.

In this film, Margo is told to take Quentin out of the house and go on an interesting adventure. During their adventure, they learn many things, especially those related to friendship and romance.

4. Movies Like Flipped: Kisses (2008)

Movies Like Flipped

This film tells the story of Kylie and Dylan, a pair of teenagers who both have toxic parents. One day, Dylan almost died because his father was angry with him. Luckily, he was saved by Kylie and the two of them ran away from their respective homes.

After running away from home, the two of them became homeless throughout the city of Dublin. The city where they come from. During their time as homeless, Kylie and Dylan always encountered danger. However, both of them were not afraid and always helped each other. This film received a positive response from audiences and critics. One of them is from Rotten Tomatoes which gave a rating of 86 percent out of 100 percent for the 72 minute film.

5. A Walk to Remember (2002)

Movies Like Flipped

Adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel, this 102-minute film centers on the life and love story between Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan. Landon Carter is a teenage boy who is known as a bad guy. However, his bad attitude gradually changed when Landon met Jamie. The relationship between the two was initially sweet. Until finally Jamie began to reveal his dark side to Landon.

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To Landon, Jamie admits that his father is very protective of him. He also admitted that he also suffered from leukemia. This made Landon sad and down, but it didn’t last long. In the end, Landon decided to stay with Jamie and fulfill every one of Jamie’s wish lists. This film will make you cry when you watch it.

6. Little Manhattan (2005)

Movies Like Flipped

This film begins with the meeting of a teenage boy named Gabe with a girl named Rosemary. Rosemary herself is apparently a girl Gabe has known since he was in kindergarten. Not just just getting to know him, Gabe also really loves this sweet girl.

Gabe and Rosemary themselves are described as having different backgrounds. Gabe comes from a family on the edge of divorce. Meanwhile, Rosemary comes from a harmonious and prosperous family. Even though their backgrounds are different, Gabe still loves Rosemary, even though his love sometimes torments his heart. This film received quite a lot of positive responses from various parties. One of them is from Jeffrey Lyons. This film critic from NBC-TV said that this film was the sweetest and most touching film ever.