5 Best Movies About Healing Recommendation You Should Watch !

Movies About Healing – Have you ever experienced traumatic feelings, sadness due to failure or loss which can disrupt your mental health? Overcoming this condition is certainly not an easy thing. This is one thing that can be done for self-healing or recovering yourself to recover from the suffering you have experienced. For example, “me time”, spending time alone with activities you like that can make you feel happy.

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Movies About Healing

1. Little Forest

Little Forest

The film ‘Little Forest’ is adapted from the Japanese film with the same title. Instead of showing tense, climactic or shocking scenes, this film instead presents calming scenes.
The storyline is very close and relatable to the conditions of the current generation. How someone feels pressured by competition, work and chooses to return to their hometown.

2. Our Little Sisters

Our Little Sisters

There is no climax but it is full of meaning. ‘Our Little Sister’ is adapted from the manga Umimachi Diary (Sea Town Diary) by Akimi Yoshida. This film tells the story of three brothers who live by the sea, Kamakura.

They accepted the presence of a half-brother who was discovered at the time of their father’s death and volunteered to take care of him. His half-brother was none other than the child of his father’s mistress. They don’t explode with emotions, but what’s unique is that they enjoy the process of life. From this story, the audience will be made to change their minds slowly, that everyone has the right and is worthy of living together.

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3. The Peanut Butter Falcon

Movies About Healing

The last feel good film was ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’. You shouldn’t miss watching this film if you need warmth and inner peace.

This film, starring Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson, tells the adventures of Zak, a man with Down syndrome who tries to realize his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Together with Tyler (LaBeouf) and Eleanor (Dakota), they went on a journey that was both fun and reassuring. The chemistry that is built is really able to build this film well.

4. Movies About Healing: Eat Pray Love

Movies About Healing

The film adaptation of this novel is a true story of the life story of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. The film Eat Pray Love tells the story of Liz’s feelings of loss after her divorce. Life that was initially good becomes empty.

Liz also chooses to leave everything she has and go on a journey to forget her past. However, in the process of this journey, many unexpected events turned out to teach him life lessons. At the end of the journey, Liz is finally able to know herself and accept the past, so she gets back on her feet and organizes her life.

5. Peaceful Warrior

Movies About Healing

Adapted from the bestselling novel ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, this film tells the story of a talented gymnast, Dan Millman, who is determined to qualify for the Olympics. Unfortunately, Dan had to experience a fatal accident which meant that he could no longer be a gymnast athlete. Feeling frustrated, until finally Dan met someone who was wise and taught him how to live in peace.

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And also learn to enjoy and appreciate the moment that is happening now. Not fixated on the past and enjoy the present more. And you also learn how to accept the bad things you experience more gracefully, and realize that many things can happen beyond human control.