A Serbian Film, An Adult Film That Went Far Too Crazy

“A Serbian Film”, a film directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, who also doubles as a screenwriter with Aleksandar Radivojevic. As stated in the title of the film, the film produced by Contra Film is from Serbia. For the players, there are Srdjan ‘Zika’ Todorovic, Jelena Gavrilovic, Slobodan Bestic, Katarina Zutic, Luka Mijatovic, and Ana Sakic.

“A Serbian Film” was first screened at the South by Southwest Film Festival in the United States on March 15, 2010. This film is one of the craziest adult films ever. It is banned in 46 countries. In Japan, this is the first film to receive an R20+ rating, while in the United States, it is clear that this film has an NC-17 rating, the highest age rating in the United States. In our own country, this film has a rating of 21+.


Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) is a former porn star who now has a wife named Marija (Jelena Gavrilovic) and a child named Petar. However, Milos’s family has financial problems, which forces Milos to accept a job offer from a porn film director, Vukmir. Milos has to return to the world of pornographic films that used to make him famous, but Vukmir’s film is different from other porn films and seems crazy.


The story, which is about the adult film industry, is actually quite interesting. Unfortunately, this film only makes that an addition to its craziness. The plot seems fast but really boring in the first half because “A Serbian Film” doesn’t seem to present anything at the beginning. Entering the final round, this film tries to provide something interesting with a flashback storytelling style. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t change anything as a whole from this film.

The acting of the players also looks mediocre. Maybe the script deliberately makes the central characters look crazy. Unfortunately, the actors’ performance cannot match the craziness it has.

What was successful in “A Serbian Film” was the music department, which succeeded in giving the impression of a depressing life. If this were a horror film, it’s clear that the music would contribute greatly to giving a creepy impression.

Is It That Disturbing?

You can say that. The scenes are not too gory but looks crazy.

The scene that will never be forgotten by anyone who has ever watched this film is, of course, the “Newborn Porn” scene. This is a scene where a woman gives birth assisted by a man, and after the baby is born, the man rapes the baby. Of course it’s not a real baby but a doll, and besides, the scene doesn’t show clearly the penetration of the man’s penis into the intimate part of the baby, but still, it’s a crazy thing that should never be made in any film. I wonder what kind of person has the idea to make a scene like that.

“A Serbian Film” which is about making adult films, of course, has quite a lot of sex scenes. Sadly the sex scenes in this film will not make male audiences’s “birds want to fly”. Maybe only the sex scene at the beginning of the film is quite arousing. The rest of the sex scenes seem crazy and disturbing, especially the incest part at the end of the film.

In an interview with Electric magazine, the director said that this film is a social criticism of a corrupt government. Because there is a reference to Serbia, it is certain that this is intended for the Serbian government. There are still many ways to show social criticism in a film without including crazy scenes that actually make the audience focus on the wrong thing.

This film could have been even better if the Milos family had a better approach. This will make us feel more sympathy for their fate and maybe attack us psychologically. Unfortunately, this film focuses on presenting crazy things throughout the film, thereby neglecting this potential.

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