Synopsis and Review The Holiday

Thelongestfilm.comReview The Holiday. If you were a fan of romantic comedy films in the 2000s, you are definitely familiar with the name Nancy Meyers. This veteran director has spawned many rom-com genre films, one of which is The Father of the Bride. Nancy Meyers is also the same director who also worked on The Intern.

If you are in the mood to watch other romantic comedies made by Nancy Meyers, try watching The Holiday. This romantic comedy film will take you on vacation and help you find the courage to find love. How exciting? Check out the film review below.

Synopsis and Review The Holiday

Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) is a columnist for the Daily Telegraph who is infatuated with Jasper, her coworker at the office. Even though she knows Jasper has a girlfriend, Iris is sure that Jasper likes her too. Not without reason, Jasper still often compliments Iris and acts as if he is in love with her.

Until finally, Iris was confronted with the fact that Jasper was engaged to Sarah. He was devastated and heartbroken to hear the news.

On the other hand, there is Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz), a successful producer who produces trailers for films. In a way, he has everything: beauty, wealth, a brilliant career, and even a handsome boyfriend. Unfortunately, Amanda betrayed by her lover, Ethan. But even though he dumped, Amanda could never cry.

Tired of all her work and relationship problems with her ex-boyfriend, Amanda decided to take two weeks off. He then started looking for vacation destinations to calm his mind. While searching for information on the internet, he came across an advertisement for a homestay in England.

Amanda saw a house in the countryside that looked beautiful and warm. He interested in living in the house and immediately contacted the owner. The house itself owned by Iris. Rather than pay, Iris offers to swap houses.

Through chat on the internet, they then agreed to swap houses for two weeks. It didn’t take long for Amanda to leave for England the next day, and Iris for Los Angeles. Both seemed satisfied with the house they bought.

Amanda, with a tiny house in the middle of a snowy village far from the bustle of the city, can enjoy her own time reading a book. Meanwhile, Iris, on the other hand, enjoys Amanda’s spacious and magnificent house with complete and sophisticated facilities. Something very new for both of them.

While enjoying his sleep, Amanda surprised by a knock on the door of the house. He opened the door and found Graham, Iris’ brother, who used to visit.

Graham didn’t leave immediately when he didn’t find his brother at home. He even stopped by and talked a lot with Amanda. Clearly, Graham has an affinity for Amanda. So did Amanda.

Since then, they regularly meet and hang out together. Even though Amanda isn’t ready for a serious relationship yet, she thinks her relationship with Graham won’t last long because she will be returning to LA soon.

Arthur himself is a former famous script writer who lives alone. Since meeting Arthur, Iris has always made time to stop by and accompany him.

While Iris is relaxing, Miles Dumont (Jack Black) comes to Amanda’s house to get Ethan’s things from Amanda’s ex. Miles then becomes acquainted with Iris. Not just once, Miles came to visit several times. He also began to get along with Arthur. They gathered and talked warmly.

Even though they have met new people and had new experiences, both Amanda and Iris are still ‘stuck’ in their pasts. Amanda still can’t open her heart wider to Graham, even though Graham has already expressed his feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Iris, who was about to move on, suddenly became trapped again with her feelings for Jasper after Jasper suddenly came to see her in LA. Then, can they finally make peace with the past?

Review The Holiday: Warm Romance Film

The Holiday is indeed a suitable film to watch in your spare time or when you want to spend time on the weekend. The reason is that this film does not only present a sweet romance between the main characters. The storyline also characterized by warm relationships with other characters.

One that stands out and has deep meaning is the relationship between Iris and Arthur Abbott. Iris is a young woman who is in her productive years, while Arthur is a retired writer.

Their ages are very far apart, but the character Iris is able to show high concern for Arthur even though Arthur is just an old man who doesn’t even know Iris.

The scenes where Iris helps raise Arthur’s spirit in his old age are very touching. The writer who is also the director of this film, Nancy Meyers, really seems to want to show that being good is not only about sharing but also loving everyone, including parents.

Highlight strong female characters

I also really want to appreciate how Nancy Meyers portrays the female characters in this film. The two main female characters, namely Amanda Woods and Iris Simpkins, are examples of two women with very different characters. But both of them have strong life principles.

Amanda is described as an independent woman who doesn’t need to depend on men. She is very capable of living alone without needing to beg for attention from men. Even though he has a past trauma that makes him afraid to start a relationship, in the end, he just needs to be more confident and open his heart so he can find his love.

Likewise with Iris Simpkins. Although at first Iris is portrayed as a naive woman who expects too much love from Jasper, in the end Iris wakes up and dares to stay away from Jasper.

Review The Holiday: Evocative Dialogues

Not only is the story line interesting, this film is also more meaningful thanks to the evocative dialogues. Even though it will sound cliche, for those of you who are experiencing problems with romance, the dialogues in this film can be very touching.

For example, in the scene when Iris realizes her one-sided love for Jasper. At that time, Jasper acted as if he wanted Iris. In fact it is not. Iris who was very fed up then said “I’m miraculously done being in love with you! Ha! I’ve got a life to start living.” Simple but very effective dialogue.

That’s a review of The Holiday, a romantic comedy film with holiday and Christmas nuances. With an interesting storyline, the appearance of strong female characters, and impressive dialogue, this film can be a viewing option to fill your holiday.

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