Synopsis Through my Window, a Hot Teenage Love!

Thelongestfilm.comThrough My Window (A través de mi ventana) is a Spanish romance film starring Julio Peña and Clara Galle. This film tells the story of neighbor romance that started from Wi-Fi.

‘Through My Window’ will be released on February 4 2022. It has a lot of hot scenes, of course this film can only be watched by a set age limit of 18 years and over.

Starring a line of actors and actresses from the country of popular and beautiful bullfighters, such as Julio Pena, Clara Galle, and Pilar Castro, this is enough reason to watch the film.

Synopsis of Through My Window.

Through My Window tells the story of the life of a teenager Raquel (Clara Galle) who lives in a modest house. However, the house is surrounded by a wealthy royal family, namely the Hidalgo Family.

Although neighbors, their homes are completely different. If Raquel is at school and has a simple style, not with the Hidalgo family, which owns the most influential company and the most spectacular building in Barcelona.

Hidalgo has three heirs to the family fortune, namely Artemis (Eric Masip), Ares (Julio Peña), and Apolo (Hugo Arbues). Raquel has had interactions with the heir to the fortune, particularly Apollo for allowing her to use Wi-Fi.

Instead of stopping, Raquel continued to follow Ares until her neighbor found out. At that time, Raquel admitted that she liked Ares and wanted him. Ares did not immediately respond.

Through my Window

Until at night, Raquel removed the Wi-Fi so that Ares could no longer be hacked. However, Ares had other plans. He entered Raquel’s room through the window and turned the Wi-Fi back on.

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Plugging in the Wi-Fi cable wasn’t the only thing Ares was doing out there. He teases Raquel but quickly leaves when the neighbor asks for more.

Raquel decides to take revenge on Ares. He came to event and did the same thing, namely teasing Ares and leaving him when he hoped for more.

The two of them did this repeatedly until Raquel felt something was wrong with Ares, which made her emotional. Raquel’s friends try to help her move on.

Through My Window is an adaptation of a novel with a similar title by Ariana Godoy. The film version was written by Eduard Sola and directed by Marçal Forés. Through My Window can be watched on Netflix.

Through my Window

Fun Film at the Time

If you intend to watch this movie as a comforting moment, I think this movie has a lot of interesting things to offer. Although in some scenes his script sounds cringy, but the shortcomings can be saved by the acting abilities of his rather mumpuni actors.

As a young actor, our protagonist is good at bringing his role so that he can convey his emotions to the audience. The movie has a fascinating visual. It is visible from the selection of locations, both the house of Raquel and Ares and also other locations.

The bright tones of a teenage film are also quite touching the eyes. These elements make Though My Window feel special and make you not disappointed spending 116 minutes watching the story until the credit title appears.