Cast and Synopsis of Blackout Movie 2022

Synopsis of Blackout Movie 2022 – Netflix’s ‘Blackout’ is an action thriller film directed by Sam Macaroni starring Josh Duhamel (Jupiter’s Legacy) as John Cain, a man dealing with memory loss. He wakes up in the hospital with no memory of his past. Soon, Cain finds himself fighting for survival as the leader of a dangerous cartel, and DEA agents target him. Meanwhile, Cain learns about a mysterious case that seems to be the root of the conflict he finds himself trapped in. Therefore, the audience must be curious to know Cain’s fate, his past, and the whereabouts of the case.

Synopsis of Blackout Movie 2022

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Synopsis of Blackout Movie 2022

‘Blackout’ opens with Ethan McCoy (Nick Nolte), head of the DEA team, searching for a man named John Cain in a burning house. Meanwhile, John Cain wakes up in a hospital near Mexico. He doesn’t remember his past or how he got to the hospital. As Cain struggles to remember who he is, he meets Anna (Abbie Cornish), a woman who claims to be his wife. On the other hand, Eddie, a famous cartel leader, claims to be Cain’s friend. Eddie and Anna try to restore Cain’s memories, but he isn’t sure if they can be trusted.

Soon, Cain is attacked by several thugs dressed as hospital staff and realizes that the hospital is locked.

Synopsis of Blackout Movie 2022

Cain decides to escape from the hospital

Cain decides to escape from the hospital with the help of Eddie and Anna. Meanwhile, Eddie threatens Dr. Garza, who treats Cain, to restore his memory. However, Cain is injured after a fight in the elevator and encounters Dr. Garza. Cain found out from Dr. Garza that Eddie and his cartel are after the case that Cain stole.

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They try to use a memory drug on Cain to reveal the location of the case. However, Dr. Garza takes Cain’s memories so he is useless to the cartel and his life is saved. Later, Cain learns from Anna that the CIA recruited him to steal the case, which contained highly sensitive information.

On the other hand, a meeting with McCoy makes Cain believe that he is a DEA Agent. Unsure of who he can trust, Cain must use his wits to survive the deadly manhunt for the case. Meanwhile, glimpses of his past give Cain clues to the whereabouts of the case and its connection to McCoy, Eddie, and Anna. Does Cain regain his memory?