Here’s Spirited Away’s Synopsis and Cast Members.

To find out what the synopsis and cast for Spirited Away are, you can see the following reviews. But before that, here is a little trivia. One of the characters, namely Kaonashi, also known as No-Face, often used as a Halloween costume theme or cosplay.

Not only that, but this film, known in Japanese as Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, carries a very important moral message for life. Now, let’s get to Spirited Away’s synopsis and cast members.

Spirited Away synopsis and cast members

Spirited Away’s Synopsis

This film tells about Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who is whiny, pessimistic, and selfish. On their way to a new home with their father and mother, Chihiro and her family stop in front of a mysterious tunnel. Next, her father and mother got out of the car and walked into the mysterious tunnel. At first, Chihiro didn’t want to follow her parents.

However, out of fear of being alone, Chihiro in Spirited Away follows her parents into the tunnel. After arriving at the end of the tunnel, a village appeared with a very beautiful view, but there were no inhabitants at all. Increasingly exploring the village, Chihiro’s father also smelled very delicious food. Arriving at a food stall, Chihiro’s father and mother did not hesitate to eat the dishes immediately.

Chihiro, who doesn’t want to eat, walks alone in an uninhabited village until she meets a hot spring. There, she meets Haku, a boy who warns Chihiro to immediately leave the place before it gets dark. Confused and feeling strange, Chihiro left the place and returned to where her father and mother were. Unfortunately, it was getting dark, and strange creatures began to appear.

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When Chihiro arrived at the food stall, her father and mother had turned into pigs. Chihiro was shocked and ran until she met a large lake. Chihiro felt scared because many spirits had appeared. She hid and was found by Haku.

Haku said that Chihiro is in the spirit world and must survive if she wants to return to her world of origin while returning her parents to their original form. The only way to survive and hide in the spirit world is to work in hot springs. Haku orders Chihiro to meet Yubaba, the witch who owns the Ayuya hot spring.

Chihiro’s Resolve

From here, begins Chihiro’s adventure to become a tough girl. The girl who used to be a crybaby and a coward is determined to survive as hard as she can and return her parents to human form.

While working, she also has to adapt and serve the spirits who visit the baths. So, can Chihiro survive in the spirit world and bring her parents back to the real world in human form?

Spirited Away’s Cast Members

here are the voice actors in Spirited Away.

1. Rumi Hiragi

Rumi is a Japanese actress who was born on August 1, 1987, in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. At the beginning of her debut, Hiragi often appeared in various commercial advertisements. Hiragi had the opportunity to voice the character Chihiro in 2001.

In 2002, she appeared on the high school baseball television program Netto Koshien as a field reporter. In 2005, she appeared on the NTV program Nobuta Produce and played the character Kasumi Aoi.

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2. Miyu Irino

Miyu was born on February 19, 1988. He is known as an actor and voice actor from Tokyo. Apart from voicing Haku’s character in the film Spirited Away, he also voiced Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series. He also has a melodious voice. On June 26, 2009, Miyu Irino released a mini album titled Soleil.

3. Takashi Naito

Naito is a Japanese actor who was born on May 27, 1955. Apart from working as an actor, Takashi also fills in for several voice characters, one of which is Chihiro’s father in the animated film Spirited Away.

Takashi has also starred in several films, such as Laundry (2002), Let’s Go Nagata-cho (NTV, 2001), Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 3 as Kenmochi Tsuyoshi (2001), and Onna to Ai to Mystery Warui Yatsura as Shimomizawa Sakuo (2001).

4. Yasuko Sawaguchi

Yasuko is an actress who was born in Osaka on June 11, 1965. In early 1984, when she was 19 years old, Yasuko won the Toho Cinderella beauty contest held by the Japanese film studio Toho Company Ltd.

Shortly after, she made her film debut in the film Karate Cop III: Song of the Sea, then played Naoko Okumura in The Return of Godzilla. In Spirited Away, Yasuko plays the voice of Chihiro’s mother. That’s some of Spirited Away’s synopsis and cast members. Now, onto its moral messages.

Morals in the Story

chihiro's parents eating

In this film, Hayao Miyazaki, the director, returns to encourage the audience to maintain good morale. For example, the depiction of Chihiro’s parents turning into pigs after eating food at a tavern is related to human greed.

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In addition, Haku, who helped Chihiro, is described as not remembering his real name, and he cannot return to his original place. Not without reason, this is because the river where Haku came from has turned into a human residential building. Apart from the moral message, Miyazaki also echoes the implied meaning of the importance of protecting nature in Spirited Away.