Cast in Step by Step Order: Current Locations and Deaths

Cast in Step by Step. TV icons Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers appeared in the well-known TGIF ’90s sitcom Step by Step, which ran for seven seasons from 1991 to 1998. The sitcom follows the growing pains of the newly combined family as they navigate life’s many ups and downs. It is centered on the union of two large Wisconsin families and their colorful and outspoken children.

The television program, which was compared to a more contemporary version of The Brady Bunch, featured a sizable and diverse ensemble full of brilliant up-and-comers who would go on to succeed after its spectacular run. 25 years ago, the lovable comedy said audiences farewell.

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1. Sasha Mitchell (Cody Lambert)

Cody is a likeable, outgoing character who rapidly warms up to the Fosters despite being portrayed as the dim-witted, airhead surfer cousin of the Lamberts. Cody’s performances on the sitcom had audiences smiling throughout his episodes. Cody distinguished himself from the other cast members with his crew cut and valley accent, and he remained for the show’s first five seasons after making an appearance as a guest in the first.

Sasha Mitchell played the fighter David Sloane in three Kickboxer movies during the 1990s, but following a dispute with his wife in 1996, he had some personal problems. After Season 5, his character Cody was then written off, but he later made a guest appearance in Season 7. Mitchell later made appearances in TV programs including ER and NYPD Blue and is now the proprietor of a prosperous welding business.

Cast in Step by Step

2. Josh Byrne (Brendan Lambert)

For six seasons, Josh Byrne portrayed the loving and carefree Brendan Lambert, the youngest member of the Lambert family. The character was one of the few youngsters who truly accepted his extended family. Brendan’s role diminished over the course of Step by Step until, for the last season, he entirely written out, while the other cast members continued to make references to him.


With appearances on Who’s the Boss and The Family Man, Byrne launched his acting career. However, since leaving the sitcom and Hollywood in 1997, little is known about his location or choice of profession. Byrne was allegedly written out because of his minor role and the introduction of new characters, according to Christine Lakin.

3. Christopher Castile (Mark Foster)

Prior to the arrival of Lily, the daughter of Frank and Carol, Mark was the youngest of the Foster children. He is a nice and nerdy science enthusiast. Christopher Castile, who had already achieved popularity as Ted Newton in the ’90s family comedy Beethoven and Beethoven’s 2nd, gave a memorable performance as Mark.

When the comedy ended in 1998, Castile, like others of his co-stars, decided to stop acting and pursue a master’s degree instead. His present positions are as a professor at Biola University in California and as a history teacher at Downey High School. Castile cleverly named the course Step By Step.

4. Christine Lakin (Alicia “Al” Lambert)

As the sole child of Frank Lambert, tomboyish Alicia “Al” struggles at first to get along with her new step-siblings. All seven seasons of the sitcom’s run, Christine Lakin played Al, and despite the fact that many of her fellow cast members stopped acting after the show’s conclusion, Lakin never lost her appeal.

She went on to play numerous roles in movies and television shows, lending her voice to Family Guy’s Joyce Kinney as well as Hollywood Darlings, Station 19, and The Rookie and films including The Leisure Class and, most recently, 2022’s Youtopia. By directing episodes of TV series including The Goldbergs, Schooled, and High School Musical: The Series, Lankin has also demonstrated her abilities as a filmmaker.

Cast in Step by Step

5. Cast in Step by Step: Angela Watson (Karen Foster)

The self-centered ditz Karen is a wannabe model who loves to sing country music. Despite her tendency to come off as shallow, she had a heart of gold. Angela Watson, who played Karen in the short-lived series Davis Rules, won over viewers throughout the show’s run. Prior to landing the part, Watson started her career in advertisements for well-known companies like Doritos and McDonald’s.

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Watson started the CAST (Child Actors Supporting Themselves) organization, which offers financial assistance to young actors, after escaping an isolating and abusive relationship with a production manager and suing her parents for misusing her profits.

6. Brandon Call (John Thomas “J.T.” Lambert)

John Thomas “J.T.”, the oldest of the Lambert children and the neighborhood sports fanatic, first reacts negatively to the union of his family with Dana’s. Before winning the part of troublemaker J.T. on Step by Step, Brandon Call had roles on Baywatch, Magnum P.I., and St. Elsewhere.

Following the completion of an episode of the sitcom, Call involved in a dangerous traffic incident that resulted in him being shot in both arms. He afterwards recovered completely. After the show’s run, Call formally ended his acting career and now leads a quiet life. Little known about his current line of work.

Cast in Step by Step

7. Staci Keanan (Dana Foster)

The oldest of the Foster children, Dana is an intelligent and studious feminist who isn’t hesitant to show her contempt for her adopted family. She constantly taunts J.T., Cody, and her stepfather Frank before gradually warming up to them. Dana an opinionated and outspoken character that portrayed by Staci Keanan for the entire seven seasons of the comedy My Two Dads.

Keanan eventually left the acting industry when the series ended in 1998 to pursue a career as a lawyer. After completing her legal education at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles and passing the bar exam in 2013, she began her position as an associate professor of law there.


8. Suzanne Somers (Carol Foster-Lambert)

When she played the sympathetic, widowed beautician Carol Foster on Three’s Company, 1970s TV legend Suzanne Somers continued to enjoy popularity. Somers first rose to fame as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company. Her heroine had another child named Lily with Frank Lambert after falling deeply in love with him. Somers gained notoriety as the ThighMaster workout machine’s spokeswoman in the 1990s, and she has continued to express her views on medicine, wellness, and health.

In addition to appearing as a participant on Dancing with the Stars, Somers primarily took a break from acting and began presenting programs like Candid Camera, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, and The Suzanne Somers Show. After battling breast cancer, Somers has penned multiple autobiographies and diet books and has become an advocate for complementary cancer treatments.

Cast in Step by Step

9. Cast in Step by Step: Patrick Duffy (Frank Lambert)

As the family patriarch Frank Lambert, a laid-back businessman who is a prosperous contractor and ardent Green Bay Packers supporter, Dallas soap opera great Patrick Duffy portrayed him on screen. After a quick courtship, Frank and Carol decide to wed in Jamaica, successfully uniting their huge family while enduring the various growing pains that come with it.

on addition to acting on shows like Family Guy, Station 19, and NCIS, Duffy directed several episodes of Step by Step. He later reprised his role as Bobby Ewing in a number of different ventures, including two reunion television movies in 1996 and 1998 and the 2012 revival. The Bold and the Beautiful, where he played Stephen Logan from 2006 to 2022, was the actor’s most recent television appearance.